*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am NOT in Kansas anymore!

So much has happened this week i don´t even know where to start! it's crazy to think that a week ago i was still in regular old provo and now i'm seriously in a different world. Right after that last email I wrote all the new gringos went and played soccer on the sweet field and this elder, Elder Cochrane, had never played sports before... and that's where the problem begins. we were just playing a small sided game and he tripped over the ball and fell on his arm and his wrist completely snapped, like how harry potter's arm looks when he falls off his broom, and long story short, he went home the next night. total time in peru.. about 48 hours. I feel so bad for him! but he'll probably be able to come back soon. The best way to describe the ccm here is different. it's not better or worse than the provo mtc, but completely different. I severely miss the food in the provo mtc though and i should have brought my candy with me and ditched something else because candy is in short supply. but i'll give you a rundown of how most stuff goes here, there's so much to tell!

food: Every morning for breakfast we have scrambled eggs, two huge fist sized loafs of bread, coffee-flavored hot chocolate (nasty) and peach yogurt (fantastic). every morning. oh, and there's some version of frosted flakes and they have powdered milk and some sort of sassy juice always. lunch is the biggest meal of the day by far in Peru and you usually eat it around two or three but here it's at noon. you ALWAYS have rice. everyone sings this song that's to the tune of a hymn that's only in Spanish but the words are just mas arroz, or more rice. but anyway we have rice and meat and a potato with some sort of gravy. if  you eat too much rice you get constipated and if you drink too much juice you have diarrhea. there is NO balance , haha it's killer, but you learn to cope. except the elder who didn't go for seven days... and dinner is the same as lunch, but not as big. oh, and with every meal there's always a weird side dish that nobody knows what it actually is. sometimes it's unreal, sometimes it's killer, so you have to get it! in the middle of the week i started hating the food and dreaded every meal but now I'm getting accustomed to the food, and i actually really like it. the secret is to just pound it down and don't think about what it actually is. i've eaten so many of the weird dishes that i never ever ever ever would have eaten in the states because here it's severely rude if you don't completely clean your plate. so i'm no longer a picky eater because it's not allowed here!
Companions: since elder cochrane went home, elder morales and i got his companion added to us, elder almeyda. he's awesome too just like elder morales! eld almeyda is from the south part of lima, so i get a peruvian and a chilean and in my room there's also an argentinian, elder baez. i love the latinos, they are way over the top nice and are such good missionaries. having two companions is different but super fun!

Spanish: It's incredible how much spanish you can learn when everything you do is in spanish! if you want your companion to do something you have to figure out how to tell him in spanish. some things are super duper hard to communicate such as laundry stuff i found out today, because i definitely don´t know my laundry vocabulary. luckily i speak a lot more spanish than most of the norteamericanos here. my spanish has been such a blessing because i can understand what people are saying. i actually translated with a headset thing in a TRC the other day, that was a fun experience! oh, and i played the piano for the whole mtc while some latinos sang. and i played in sacrament meeting, which was a first. my comfort zone no longer exists. I have been teaching my companions some english but elder morales struggles with it, it's so funny! i taught him to say do you understand me? but he says you do understars me?

sports: the latinos live and breathe futbol. and if you play well and you're white they worship you. the first day i had a hat trick and the sweetest header goal of my life, so yeah now everyone knows my name and every time they see me they just say goal! or something like that. now i have to keep it up though. i didn't score today and they were all really disappointed in me. i'll have to pick it up tomorrow or they'll forget my name. oh and one day we played basketball because it was the day after elder cochrane got dominated and we weren't allowed to play futbol. anyway the latinos play basketball so funny! it was basically futbol with their hands but they looked so awkward!  

oh i saw the strattons today at the temple! and we got to go to the outside world today which was crazy! i'm like out of time now though. i'll try to send pictures next week.

i haven't gotten any letters yet, but i hear they take a really long time to get here, so just don't forget about me :) love you guys!

Elder hahch (the way they say my name)

oh and i would love candy packages in five weeks when i'm done here! oh and there's an elder who looks exactly like chancho from nacho libre and speaks really funny/good english! his name is elder paternina and he was reading this email over my shoulder and making fun of me just a minute ago.

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