*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, November 26, 2012



Today is transfer day in the mission! Elder Chuiz, my last companion, is going home today. It's interesting to see the missionaries on their last day and talk to them about how they feel, etc. I feel bad for President Risso though, because he passes the whole morning in interviews. I swear, half of being a mission president is interviews.

The picture last week of the missionaries sleeping is a picture i took in the office- here we have a little makeshift storehouse for all the materials and furniture in the mission- those matresses are for new areas, etc.

Scop's baptism went great! The only problem was that Scop and his family (with a lot of less active members) showed up right on time and everyone else came like a half hour late. I was pretty stressed. But once we got started everything went well. The best part is that every week more of the family goes to church. This week Leila's sister and her two daughters were there! It's amazing to see the difference that one person can make on the entire family!

Oh, more good news. I have pink eye. Yesterday it was at its peak and it was bugging me pretty bad, but now it's feeling better.

We found a few cool new people in our area this week. The problem is that one couple can only meet with us once every two weeks... so it will be pretty hard to get them to progress. They said they were really interested in the Church and wanted to attend the meetings yesterday, but after all they didn't show up. We also taught the husband of a long-time member lady. He asked us a few quesions to test us, like "every church says their church is the true church, so i can't believe everyone who tells me it. What do you say?" But i just shared my testimony and invited him to find out for himself. Sometimes i get frustrated just wanting people to understand and accept our message- it's so simple and clear to me that it's all true and that if they do the things we invite them to they'll be blessed, but people get so confused because of all the other churches and different ideas that exist.

Oh, President Risso told me that i'm going to be transferred from the office in 3 weeks! Because a lot of missionaries are going home mid-transfer because they want to be home for Christmas instead of getting home at the start of January. And he said if it's possible he wants me to have a good 2 months in the field to be working like a normal missionary again. i'm happy with the idea. :) After being in the office so long i need a breath of fresh air.

Here's my thanksgiving story: A few north american missionaries who i saw throughout the day wished me a happy thanksgiving, but other than that i honestly didn't think about it too much. Elder Infante made Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner- i like that he loves to cook! But the real excitement happened on Friday. We were walking by a trash dump (they are abundant in chiclayo) and we heard what sounded like a bunch of cats, so we went to see what was up, and saw a little baby dog, like born that same day size, on the ground crying, and a black bag a few feet away that was moving and making lots of noise- it was full of baby puppies. Someone had just tossed their dog's newborn puppies in a bag and thrown it in the garbage. Obviously we couldn't just let them die, so we grabbed the bag and took them to a member family's house where they have a mom dog who gave birth not too long ago. Long story short, the mom dog didn't accept the babies and wasn't lactating anymore, but the family offered to take care of the puppies if we would search for houses for them. There were 9 of them!! I even named one that was golden hatchi (it's a common dog name here) haha. We had to give them milk in syringes, but yesterday seven of them died.. It seems like the other two are going to die too, which is sad, but we tried! That was our adventure of the week. Oh, one more adventure.

We sent our suit coats to be dry-cleaned- four of us from the office, and the lot fell on elder Infante and i to go pick them up saturday at night. So we get there and the girls who work there start getting nervous and realized they had given our four suit coats to four different missionaries.. So we called them and they just happened to be the missionaries who live in the most dangerous part of chiclayo, but we needed out suit coats to go to church on sunday morning! So we took the four coats they had in the store and took a mototaxi to Villahermosa.. After getting lost for a while we finally made it and did the exchange. it was risky and we got home at like 10:30! But we were safe.

i'm out of time, i love you family!

Elder Hatch

Here's Scop's baptism!


Marvin, the same young man that baptized Leila, baptized Scop. The other people are her family, all less active people who are reactivating!

And here i am feeding a little puppy!


Here's one of the little puppies eating.


Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi fam! 

Right now i'm listening to Christmas music! I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. I wanted to set up the christmas tree here in the office today, but appartently president risso said we have to wait until december. But we're basically not even going to be here in december. Here's the rough outline.. So, Elder Pino from the 70 was going to come but he´s super busy so he's sending an area 70 in his place to come do the tour of our mission.... kind of a dissapointment, but i'm sure it will still be great. Anyway, the first week of december he's scheduled to come and we'll probably be going to Jaen and Cajamarca in that week, and have a huge conference with all the missionaries here in Chiclayo. The second week we have zone leaders council, then the next weeks we have ward activities, visits to Cajamarca and Jaen for Christmas activities with them, and a christmas activity here in Chiclayo. President and Sister Risso are having 200 uruguay national team soccer jerseys made for all the missionaries! shhh, it's a secret though. Oh, and as for christmas decorations here in Chiclayo.. decorations outside of the house don't really exist here because people would rob them in the night, but inside the houses everyone sets up crazy huge manger scenes, but not until the weeks around christmas. The only places that are decorated now are big international retail stores. 

When we got back from our trip we taught Scop, (great name), Leila's son. He's 12 and really wants to get baptized and go on a mission to the united states :) haha but Elder Infante and i are helping him gain a testimony. He's going to be baptized this saturday! We're excited for that. 

Oh, and yes mom i know sister Case! She was in my zone in Latina. Now she's in Jaen and this last week when we were in the snack break during the conference for sister missionaries she told me that my aunt is her mom's boss. and President Risso said "and Elder Hatch is your boss" haha it was so funny! 

I had another funny and embarrassing moment this last week.

We were in a zone meeting in the Chiclayo Perú zone- like 20 missionaries. I was talking about how to be more effective in the first lesson. I was finishing up my spiel and i was trying to say something like this "so that we can have more naturality in our first lesson" but what came out was "so that we can have more nature in our first lesson" and everyone laughed at me. But i bounced back quick :) I'm surprised i don't make a fool of myself more often. 

I was studying yesterday in Ether 12. Verse 12 always has been interesting to me. it says that if we don't have faith God can't preform miracles. I'm sure God wants to perform so many miracles and help us out so much, but we limit what He can do for us a lot because we don't have enough faith! I'm trying to boost my faith by being constantly obedient and trying my hardest to prech the gospel effectively and by the spirit so that i can see miracles in the lives of the people i'm teaching! 

I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Hatch 

The first picture is of Elder Samamé and Elder Perea working hard sunday night in the office while the rest of us were working on reports.


The second is of Pres and Sister Risso with us at Gocta! Sister Risso would kill me if she knew i was sending this picture home! haha i was taking pictures of her and President walking and we were all sweaty and she was yelling at me to not take pictures! haha


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey fam, 

This week was nuts! I feel like every week is nuts lately though. 

Tuesday was the zone leaders council- we talked about a new sheet we made for all the missionaries to track their progress in their personal studies, and about how to be more effective in the first lesson. 

Wednesday we went to the Chiclayo Perú zone's zone training meeting and they asked us to talk about the first lesson and do practices with the zone. That afternoon we planned a new special conference for only the sister missionaries in the mission on Thursday. We talked about basically the same things, but a little different, to keep building on what we talked about in the zone council. So that meeting was only for the sisters in Chiclayo, 16 sisters. That night one of our investigators we've had for a while, Stefani, told us she doesn't have any plans to be baptized, and that she only goes to church because she doesn't want to make her uncle feel bad and she feels obligated because she lives with them.. Bummer. But it's her choice! I'm glad she was honest with us. 

Friday at about noon we started off to Jaen- we got there in the evening, and Elder Infante got sick from the drive and was all barfy, but he bounced back quick and we went to a ward mission night in the zone leaders' ward. Saturday morning we gave the same special conference for sister missionaries to the 6 sisters in Jaen. In the afternoon we drove to Chachapoyas. Sunday morning in church i played the little electric organ in sacrament meeting- i'm getting used to playing without a pedal.. In the afternoon we went out with a member of the branch to visit less active members and ended up trekking all over the hills in chachapoyas and only visited one person. It was fun though because Chachapoyas is beautiful and it was lightly raining- it's seriously paradise there. The only problem is that the nasty mattresses we throw on the floor to sleep on when we visit them are definitely infested with fleas, because i always wake up scratching myself. Monday we had p-day in Chachapoyas! there are a million sweet tourist attractions around chachapoyas, and president and sister Risso chose to go the third tallest waterfall in the world, Gocta. It's about an hour driving from Chachapoyas, then three hours hiking in and three hours hiking out. It was pretty tough for me, and my companion and president and sister risso were basically dead half way through. I didn't think they were going to make it. But it was so so pretty there! We even saw a really rare almost extinct parrot type orange bird. We had a tour guide who told us all the myths and showed us the plants, etc. The entire day i had flies trying to land on my head. I was about to go insane. Oh and the tour guide showed us a huge boulder on the side of the pathway that has fossilized seashells in it. I don't know how the ocean got to gocta.. It's not even close to any ocean or lake or anything! 

Then, when we were all dead tired we drove to Jaen for the night, pres Risso put in a Beatles cd.. not too bad :) and elder Infante and i got to stay in the hotel where pres and sister risso stay over night. It was SO hot though, and our air conditioner didn't work- the one night in my entire mission where i have an air conditioner in my room and it doesn't work.. haha. So i didn't sleep too much but today in the car ride back i slept like four of the five hours. We just got here to the office, and now this week we actually have some time to work in our area! yayyyyy. 

I'm really tired and kind of out of it right now, and can't think of what else to write! So that's all for today. Have a good week :)  

Elder Hatch

Here i am on the trail to Gocta!


And this is Leila's baptism!


Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey family!
This week was pretty much the best week ever. I had one of the happiest moments of my whole mission. I'll slowly build up to it with the awesome experiences. 
First off, i'm happy because i can finally listen to christmas music- some of the office crew made me hold out until November. So now the atmosphere in the office is awesome. I LOVE christmas music! 
Oh, bad news mixed into all the good news- i'm pretty sure i have skin mites.. I don't know if those even exist, but supposedly elder Infante has them, and he was always scratching himself.. a few weeks passed by, and little by little, now i'm always scratching myself. but it's not as bad as the fleas i had before. haha i hope they go away soon.
 Yeah back to the good stuff now. On tuesday we had an appointment with a lady named Leila who we've been teaching forever. Elde Infante and had planned a sweet lesson for her like two weeks ago but we couldn't find her to teach her for a long time. Finally we put it in play and it went great! We felt the spirit and in the moment it just felt right to invite her to be baptized (even though we have done it many times before) and we had planned to invite her to be baptized the 10th, but in the moment elder infante got mixed up and invited her to be baptized the 3rd! When he said that i was just waiting for her to say no, but she thought about it for a while and said yes!! So we had to plan everything really fast, and she had kind a rough past, so President Risso did the baptismal interview on friday, she passed, and got baptized on Saturday!! It was awesome. I've had a lot of baptisms happen that way- they don't even have a baptismal date a week before, and they want to be baptized and do it that same week! But the best part was seeing her pretty rebelious son and brother who's super less active at her baptism and in church the next day! Little by little, i know Leila is going to save that whole family if she stays faithful. 
Next good news is that we're probably going to Chachapoyas this weekend- the farthest away exotic fun part of our mission, because president Risso has to do some interviews for people who are going on the mission and for priesthood advancements. I can't complain. We're going to be there next p-day, so i'm not sure if i'll write until tuesday, but we're going to try to convince president Risso to go to a cool place close to chachapoyas where there are some really old ruins. I don't know if we'll have time, but we'll see. 
Thursday night we had a ward sports activity where we played soccer and volleyball. A bunch of young men were playing soccer, but all the ladies were just standing around being awkward and not wanting to play volleyball, so elder infante and i had to get the party going. The volleyball ended up landing on top of a pointy fence and popping so we had to search all over to find a new ball, but it all worked out and we found some new investigadors, too. 
Elder Orcohuaranga wrote me and asked the exact dates i'm going home and if my parents are going to pick me up, because he wants to change his wedding date so that i can be there for their sealing in the Lima temple!!! I would love so much to be there. We'll have to work it out. 
Now for the absolute best moment of the week. 
Thursday we taught 50 future missionaries in the Latina stake. When we got there Elio Floreano, the father of the awesome family i helped be baptized last year, was helping with everything, greeting people, etc. Turns out he's on the stake high council now!!! And he was telling all the stake leaders that i baptized him- it was funny and a cool moment. But it gets WAY better. So, i'm getting the power point ready with Elder Infante and i see Yaruska, his 20 year old daughter there- she came and talked to me and said she's thinking about going on a mission!!! and that their family is going to THE TEMPLE in january to be sealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seriously never felt the way i felt when she told me that. It was like i felt a little piece of heaven. I was and am SO happy! But right then the meeting started and i had to gather myself.  Part of what i talked about in the meeting was what motivates us to go on a mission. I showed a clip of The District 2 where some sister missionaries baptize a family and the spirit was so strong, and i couldn't help but talk about the Floreano family and how the motivation is that so many amazing people are just waiting to be found and receive the amazing blessings God has in store for us and our families. Ah it was just the best. I love being able to see that these fantastic people are living the gospel! 
Tomorrow is the zone leaders' council, thursday we're doing a special meeting for all the sister missionaries in the mission, and saturday we probably go to chachapoyas. It'll be a good and ridiculously busy week! 
I love you!
Elder Hatch 
ps, i'll send pictures of leila's baptism next week, i left my camera in our room.