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Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey family!
This week was pretty much the best week ever. I had one of the happiest moments of my whole mission. I'll slowly build up to it with the awesome experiences. 
First off, i'm happy because i can finally listen to christmas music- some of the office crew made me hold out until November. So now the atmosphere in the office is awesome. I LOVE christmas music! 
Oh, bad news mixed into all the good news- i'm pretty sure i have skin mites.. I don't know if those even exist, but supposedly elder Infante has them, and he was always scratching himself.. a few weeks passed by, and little by little, now i'm always scratching myself. but it's not as bad as the fleas i had before. haha i hope they go away soon.
 Yeah back to the good stuff now. On tuesday we had an appointment with a lady named Leila who we've been teaching forever. Elde Infante and had planned a sweet lesson for her like two weeks ago but we couldn't find her to teach her for a long time. Finally we put it in play and it went great! We felt the spirit and in the moment it just felt right to invite her to be baptized (even though we have done it many times before) and we had planned to invite her to be baptized the 10th, but in the moment elder infante got mixed up and invited her to be baptized the 3rd! When he said that i was just waiting for her to say no, but she thought about it for a while and said yes!! So we had to plan everything really fast, and she had kind a rough past, so President Risso did the baptismal interview on friday, she passed, and got baptized on Saturday!! It was awesome. I've had a lot of baptisms happen that way- they don't even have a baptismal date a week before, and they want to be baptized and do it that same week! But the best part was seeing her pretty rebelious son and brother who's super less active at her baptism and in church the next day! Little by little, i know Leila is going to save that whole family if she stays faithful. 
Next good news is that we're probably going to Chachapoyas this weekend- the farthest away exotic fun part of our mission, because president Risso has to do some interviews for people who are going on the mission and for priesthood advancements. I can't complain. We're going to be there next p-day, so i'm not sure if i'll write until tuesday, but we're going to try to convince president Risso to go to a cool place close to chachapoyas where there are some really old ruins. I don't know if we'll have time, but we'll see. 
Thursday night we had a ward sports activity where we played soccer and volleyball. A bunch of young men were playing soccer, but all the ladies were just standing around being awkward and not wanting to play volleyball, so elder infante and i had to get the party going. The volleyball ended up landing on top of a pointy fence and popping so we had to search all over to find a new ball, but it all worked out and we found some new investigadors, too. 
Elder Orcohuaranga wrote me and asked the exact dates i'm going home and if my parents are going to pick me up, because he wants to change his wedding date so that i can be there for their sealing in the Lima temple!!! I would love so much to be there. We'll have to work it out. 
Now for the absolute best moment of the week. 
Thursday we taught 50 future missionaries in the Latina stake. When we got there Elio Floreano, the father of the awesome family i helped be baptized last year, was helping with everything, greeting people, etc. Turns out he's on the stake high council now!!! And he was telling all the stake leaders that i baptized him- it was funny and a cool moment. But it gets WAY better. So, i'm getting the power point ready with Elder Infante and i see Yaruska, his 20 year old daughter there- she came and talked to me and said she's thinking about going on a mission!!! and that their family is going to THE TEMPLE in january to be sealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seriously never felt the way i felt when she told me that. It was like i felt a little piece of heaven. I was and am SO happy! But right then the meeting started and i had to gather myself.  Part of what i talked about in the meeting was what motivates us to go on a mission. I showed a clip of The District 2 where some sister missionaries baptize a family and the spirit was so strong, and i couldn't help but talk about the Floreano family and how the motivation is that so many amazing people are just waiting to be found and receive the amazing blessings God has in store for us and our families. Ah it was just the best. I love being able to see that these fantastic people are living the gospel! 
Tomorrow is the zone leaders' council, thursday we're doing a special meeting for all the sister missionaries in the mission, and saturday we probably go to chachapoyas. It'll be a good and ridiculously busy week! 
I love you!
Elder Hatch 
ps, i'll send pictures of leila's baptism next week, i left my camera in our room. 

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