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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 2 in Chiclayo

Hello family!

Ill start off by answering questions. Elder Orcohuaranga and I are the only missionaries in our room, and yeah my bed is fine! i dont know why they made me get flat sheets because normal ones would work fine... but oh well. dad, my eye is fine! i just always squint that eye in my pictures, i dont know why. ill work on that :) yeah my hair was super long and it drove me insane! but i got it cut last p-day, so now im happy! I didnt go to the saloon, i should have though dang it! i went to this haircut place by our pensionistas house, and it was the most legit haircut ive ever gotten! he was trimming everything all perfect with a razorblade and it cost like two dollars. my companion is great, hes an amazing teacher and im learning tons from him! we dont talk too much in our free time, i think he just thinks a lot haha. we still havent had normal church in our ward because the first week was general conference and this week on sunday were the peruvian presidential elections-at least the first round. theyre compelled to vote here, and things can get crazy, so we werent supposed to leave our apartment really on saturday or sunday except to go eat, but elder orco being who he is had already gotten a full day of appointments set up for saturday by the time they told us that so we had appointments all day saturday and a few on sunday, but sunday we mostly just stayed in our room. but im excited to actually go to our wards this sunday! its going to be crazy because we have both of our wards, campodonico and jose balta, and also we have four baptisms scheduled for this sunday! a week ago we had one baptism scheduled and now we have seven! four for this sunday and three for the next. i dont think all of them will follow through, but im excited for the ones that will! if they would just pray about the book of mormon assignments we give them! they almost always read but never pray! you betcha we have a chapel to meet in. its really nice too, and there are tons of chapels here. the stake center in latina where we have all our zone conferences etc is huge! like as big as our stake center. go on google earth and look up chiclayo! the very center of the city is in my area, with a HUGE catholic cathedral in the main square. you could call it great and abominable... jk. but seriously. and look up jorge chaves and tejada, thats where i live! honestly, learning spanish has kind of come to a halt. im learning a lot still, just by speaking it all the time and hearing it all the time, but elder orco always just wants to go and work and never wants to give me time to study spanish! so ive only gotten to study once since ive been here. but this week im going to put down the iron fist and make him let me study. but other than that im absolutely loving everything here. right now im dripping sweat, but im getting used to it. ok some random stuff from the week:

i can do that finger snappy thing that brad does. my zone leader is really jealous because he still cant do it and i learned it my first day. 

this computer is in english because i changed it to english but it is still underlining every word i write in red because it doesnt recognize them as words, which is super annoying haha. 

we contacted a guy last week who was super catholic and we talked to him about baptism. we were talking all about infant baptism and stuff, which is a joke. then he said they believe that if someone is going to die really soon, any random person can come throw water on them and theyre baptized!!! i almost broke out laughing! the level of apostasy is outrageous sometimes! also, could dad or mom look up on their iphone the weather in chiclayo and tell me what the temperatures have been etc? i want to know how hot it is here. it rained the other day and  the city was basically in shambles. peoples houses are all flooded because their roofs dont keep anything out, and lots of the streets are still completely flooded and so so so muddy! walking was super tough yesterday. 

one of our investigators, anderson, whos an 18 year old guy and super super golden, has his own house and farm that his grandma gave him when she died. it is so legit! he has a room with tons and tons of guinea pigs in it, kelsey would love it! and rabbits too, then he has a horse and a bunch of cows. hes going to get baptized this week i think. he might delay another week though. 

i love so much being in the lords work. there is no way i would be able to be here away from my family and all of my old life if i didnt know the Lord was here with me. My testimony is growing so much as i see the ways the peoples lives are messed up, and see how the church has made mine so much better. ive been so blessed. i love you, im going to try to send some pictures now! 

Here’s a picture of Jacob’s zone taken this morning, and the second picture is of his room.



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