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Monday, July 11, 2011


This last week has been super busy and just awesome! Elder Insaurralde and I are finally getting into a groove. We still absolutely stink at teaching, sometimes it hurts to listen to myself haha, but we´re having real success! It´s been real proof that when you work your very hardest, keep all the rules, and pray like crazy, that the Lord fills in all the blank spots. The big news of this week is that this sunday we are going to have two baptisms! Pierinna and Kathia, the granddaughter and daughter, respectively, of Elio, are going to get baptized. And even cooler, Elio is going to baptize them! We have seven investigators with baptismal dates right now, and this week all our numbers of the key indicators (lessons taught, etc) were really good, our district leader even congratulated me haha. It felt awesome to finally find some good investigators and start teaching a lot.

Right now the weather here is so weird! Some days it´s hot as usual during the day, and other days it´s cloudy and foggy all day, like today. But now at night it´s always cold and I even bought a sweater that i almost always wear. I use my towell as a blanket sometimes and i´m actually wearing my thermal garments at night (which i was sure i would never use!)

Today were changes, kind of mini ones, because not many people got moved, and as i thought, I´m staying here in Campodonico with elder Insaurralde for six more weeks at least. I feel like i´ve been here forever! I was kind of sad though because elder Zepeda from guatemala who´s been in my district the whole time, one of my good buddies, is going to Jaen. But that´s how the mission goes!

This week has been a treasure with the new pension. In the old pension it was basically like eating in the US. Now it´s like eating in peru... For breakfast this week i´ve had cow intestines, liver, a whole fried fish, and yucca always. (ps, i ate all of them. i left a little bit of the intestines uneaten to show her i didn´t like them..) and i also ate cui again. I honestly think that as a mission blessing my gag reflex has been turned off, because i can down anything now. I have seriously done a complete 180 with my eating habits.

My interview with president risso was so awesome! He was super surprised to find out that my companion and i only had three transfers combined, but said that that´s how leaders are born. He gave me a lot of awesome advice, and i left just wanting to go baptize everyone. That´s how you know you´ve got a good misison president.

Oh i totally almost forgot the most exciting thing of the week! Mom stop reading... Last tuesday we got robbed! i´ll tell the story in detail.

We had just gotten done teaching a new family a lesson and were walking through the streets, and a big crowd of guys was sitting around after playing soccer as usual. We walked by and they yelled at us so we waved and kept walking, then we were right in front of our bishop´s house in an open dirt field area just walking along when... I hear someone run up behind me so i got a little scared, but a guy came up between elder Insaurralde and i and said hey elders, so i stuck out my hand to shake his hand and right then a guy from behind put me in a headlock and then the handshake guy puts my hands behind my back. I started to struggle and was seriously about to fight but elder Insaurralde started yelling NO NO NO and so i stopped. Later i found out he was yelling no because they were robbing him too and said they had a gun..
then a third guy started going through my pockets, took my coin purse, and they all ran off. But my coin purse had the keys to the room attached to it so i yelled my keys! so he dumped all the money out and tossed it up in the air and bailed. But like five guys just stood there watching it all happen. I was wearing my watch( I almost always have it in my pocket) and my north face backpack, but they didn´t take anything but my money (like two bucks). We were pretty shaken up, but completely fine. I hope they enjoyed the drugs i´m sure they bought with the Lord´s money.

Spanish is coming great! I study every once in a while, but elder Insaurralde and i talk a lot and he´s really good about correcting me, so i´m learning a lot.

Things are going great, and i´m loving every minute of my time here. Now i feel like my days are numbered in Campodonico, so we need to baptize everyone! I´m so excited for our baptisms this week! It´s really all i think about. :)

I know that the Lord loves us, and can say without a doubt that he knows me and has heard my prayers. I am coming to know Him on a very personal level as I constantly try to do His will. I know that obedience brings blessings.  Hope you all have a great week!

·Elder Hatch

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