*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Wow, dad! I can´t believe all the stuff that happened this week with you! I´m so happy that you´re okay though. Really, I know you´re being watched over. I´m glad i´m not home or i would have been freaking out i´m sure. Were you on the top floor of the hospital, in Oncology? Because when i was there there were a bunch of people with Mersa and we had to put on our gowns and everything just to go in their rooms.  I´ll be praying for you a ton, and i hope you get all better this week!
I know i´ve been really bad about answering the questions the family asks me in their emails, but i´ll try to get better. It´s rough because when i go to write an email, myldsmail doesn´t let me open up a new page and sign in agan so i can see the emails while i´m writing and write back at the same time, so i just have to remember.
Mom, No, i still haven´t used my electrical converter! And the weather is nice, it´s pleasant during the day, and gets chilly at night, i use my sweater almost every day. But now i have a blanket for my bed in the new room, so i´m not cold at night.
The package with my shoes came! Thanks so so so so much mom for doing all that for me! The package got sent to the special reject package place because of the shoes i think. they´re weird about clothes coming in packages here. So i had to go the mission office today, get my special id card, and personally go to SerPost, their national post service, and pick up my package. They opened it up there and had to see everything in the package. It was weird, but i got the package!
Lindsey, last week you asked me about the USB and music and stuff. No, there´s none of my a cappella or madrigals music on there, but i´ll see if i can get the music off the usb you sent me and put it on my other one, send the usb back, and yeah.. complicated.. maybe not.. haha.
This week i realized something interesting.. I had been getting bites all around my thighs and legs for the last few weeks in Campodonico, and i just thought they were mosquitos, but never really thought that they weren´t biting me on my arms, which were the only part of my body exposed during the day. plus my companion, elder Insaurralde wasn´t getting bitten. But i didn´t think much of it.. then when i got to Los Incas they stopped biting me and i told my pensionista about it and she told me it was FLEAS!!!! gross. they were so itchy and last way longer than mosquito bites, but i feel honored to say that i had fleas.
A few weeks ago, elder Morales were sitting in our room at lunch time and i was writing in my journal, and the house started to shake. I asked elder Morales what it was and he said they were doing construction in the next neighborhood and it shook the house sometimes... but it turns out that it was an earthquake! It was pretty little, but everyone was talking about it for a few days. Another cool experience in the mish.
This last week i got sick twice. The first time i went to bed feeling normal, but woke up at like five in the morning feeling sicky, and spent basically the whole morning until like 9 in the bathroom. Our pensionista is super nice and bought me some gatorades and those and some soup is all i ate during the day. We went out to work like normal and i had to use the bathrooms of a few investigators haha. Elder Morales gave me a blessing and i got over it quick. then a few days later i started feeling sick after lunch with the same stomach pains and bathroom frequency :) but it passed over quickly and i was back in the groove the next day. Elder Morales has been getting a weird rash lately though and he went to the hospital on friday with the health elder while i went to visit an inactive family in the area of the office elders.
The new news is that you only have to put my name on the packages now, not elder Monzon or anything. Just the address and my name!
Today we played games in a stake center with most of our zone and it was really fun! I´ve been eating the gummies mom sent me and i´m wearing my new shoes right now! Thanks family for all the amazing support. I love you all and am so grateful that i was born into such an exemplary family who truly lives what the gospel teaches. I know that God only gives us commandments to help us be happy. the number one commandment that everyone breaks here is the law of chastity. Everyone is living together with someone, and they´ll just always live together and never even think of getting married! Lots of times the couples are really jealous and suspicious, and abusive. Being a missionary, you get to learn a lot about people´s very personal lives, and it just makes me so grateful for our family. Having parents sealed in the temple, having been taught the gospel since my childhood. We´re so blessed. I love my Savior. I love this work, and i love the people i´m trying to help. We´re chugging along, so far none of our investigators is progressing, but we´re working hard. One of our investigators in Campodónico got baptized last week, that was good news to hear!
Have a great week, and get better fast dad! I want good news next week!
Elder Hatch

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