*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Great experience i just had... i was trying to find the usb port in this computer and bent over and the chair i was on broke and i fell on the floor and everyone laughed at me... but i played it off well. 

Yeah the animals are on the roof. that´s where the laundry dries too. most people have their animals behind their house, but we don´t have a behind part, so they´re on the roof.
Monica came to church this week! We´re pumped about that. We kind of layed off teaching them every day this week, and it worked well. Monica said she wants to get baptized this week. Armando is still kind of indecisive.. But we have some other great investigators. Victoria is so golden, she just needs her mom´s permission! Pray for her! And more than anything, our investigators need to go to church! 

Living with 4 missionaries is super fun! Our house, the family we live with, the ward, just everything is ideal right now! I´m in paradise. It´s so fun having elder Hurst as a companion too! We get along perfectly, and have a great time. 

Bummer that Timpview lost! how´s byu doing? 

Dad´s scooter crash story sounded funny. I hope you´re not getting too bored in bed all the time! you could take advantage of the time and do some arm exercises (totally forgot how to spell that word in english) or something! I´ve been doing tons of pushups and sit ups lately and i´m actually getting stronger! I´ve gotten a bit skinnier too, after fattening up in Campodonico. 

Working as usual and loving life! So good to hear that everything´s good with the family!

Elder Hatch 

pictures: Flashing some gang signs in front of our internet place. apparently they want to legalize marijuana here too.. There is graffiti everywhere! 

Elder Hurst and I made the cookies, it was serious business.. 

Elder Hurst and I floating in front of the museum




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