*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Dear family,

First off, my letters will be shorter from now on because we just started writing our weekly letters to the president on the internet this week, but we don´t get more time to do it, it comes out of our hour for writing the family. It´s a little stinky, but oh well! Lopez Albujar is the area that borders mine, like ten minutes away. I think it´s still technically chiclayo. It´s like our area but a little more ghetto! I´ll be going there tomorrow on another working visit with elder burton, while orco works with elder zepeda in our area. It´s fun being the district leader´s companion because you get a little more variety in your schedule! And yes, on working visits you sleep in their apartment and stuff. I love going to the zone leaders´apartment because they have warm water to shower with! In zone conferences we basically just talk about how the companionships are doing, they give us news from the mission president, etc. Nothing too exciting. The multi zone conference was awesome though! President and Hermana chipman talked and the assistants too, President Chipman is an amazing man, and completely inspired. My interview went well with him, it was all in spanish. I forget i´m speaking in spanish a lot. I´ll be talking and telling a story or something and wondering why it´s so hard then i´ll realize that i actually speak english.. Oh, and about packages. I heard it´s way cheaper and way faster if you send everything in those big padded envelopes rather than boxes. Yeah i sewed up the shirt i ripped, my shoes have a guarantee, and i use my handkercheifs every day! I wouldn´t be able to live without them! i´m constantly wiping sweat off my face and fanning myself with it. they say it´s winter here... but it still feels like summer! Everything with the family for memorial day sounds super fun, and makes me remember that awesome time of starting the summer in Utah.

Sad news, AsunciĆ²n decided to not get baptized. She is super indecisive! She said she wants do it in August... Bummer. And this sunday we have to stay in the apartment all day again because it´s the final elections for president of peru. it´s down to Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta something. Everybody says they´re both terrible. So, because of that we can´t have baptisms on the 5th.. But we will have between 1 and 3 baptisms on the 7th. Elio, the dad/grandpa is super fijo aka solid i think? he´s set in stone to get baptized the 7th, but his daughter and granddaughter still aren´t sure. Everything is going great and Orco is getting trunkier every day! haha it´s fun to keep him on the straight and narrow though. Have a great week!

Elder Hatch

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