*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I still don´t think i´m going to be able to send pictures, the computers here are so ghetto! the internet goes like a mile per hour.. Yeah sorry about last week, we didn´t end up having time to come back and i was super frustrated. But the quartet went really well! the musical fireside was awesome and the spirit was super strong. We have another one this friday night too, and we´ve invited a bunch of people so it should be great. About the glasses package, i wrote you about a month ago or so with the new missionary`´s name. it´s not cox, i´ll see if i can find it if i have time. but sending them now is risky anyway, wait until you come back from the trip because right now i´m not sure what mission i´ll even be in. We have transfers this upcoming week, and i´m really excited for a change. As much as i love my area and elder orcohuaranga, I can´t wait to have a new companion, and maybe new area and mission. But i think i´ll stay in campodonico one transfer more.. So to answer dad´s question, i´ll find out which mission im in next monday! Elder orcohuaranga leaves this sunday and i´ll live with the zone leaders for a day. Haha elder orco is super ready to go home.. and he´s getting worse and worse with the rules each day. he´ll make it alright though. I can´t remember if i said thanks for the package with the calendar and ensign, but if i did thanks again! the calendar is so funny and mom that was so so nice of you to go through and write all the days, etc. I love you!

Some stuff that´s gone on since i wrote last.. it´s been forever! We baptized Elio on the 7th of June, his birthday. He´s the same age as dad, and it was really cool. We also baptized his daughter, Yeruska, who is 19 and wants to go on a mission really bad when she turns 21. I baptized them both and hope i´ll be able to send a picture someday! Yesterday we baptized Luz, the most golden investigator of all time. It was a really spiritual service, and they are going to be such a great family in the church! So now if we´re counting i have had the priviledge of participating in 8 baptisms already! It´s been a great time here in Campodonico.

This last week I started having a handwriting crisis. First i changed to cursive, then to super neat normal handwriting, which i think i´ll stick to. It looks kind of girly, i still need to work some kinks out.. haha.

This last week we were walking in the street and i heard something come crashing down on the street so i turned around and a little old man had been pulling a bike-cart filled with bags of cement and it tipped over on his leg and he was yelling for help, so orco and i ran and helped him and everything. I felt kind of like a superhero, but a lot more of christ´s love and it felt so good to be able to help him. Then i realized that´s all i do now is help people with their salvation, what amazing work! I really want to send pictures, and i´ll try some more after i finish this letter, but i probably won´t be able to, i´m sorry!

Mom and dad everything sounds so fun in the summer there! And have an awesome time on your trip and be careful with your money. Maybe you´ll see austin saguibo in paris! He´s like an hour away from there though. And casey thanks for the letter, it´s awesome to hear from you and to get the sports update, even if the heat and mavericks, my two least favorite teams are in the finals...

I know the work i´m doing is God´s work. I feel it every day as i´m sharing the gospel with people. I want to be so much better, and just want to be able to convert everyone! it makes me so sad when people just don´t have the desires to listen or change. If they only knew how important this was for them and how much better their lives could be! I´m eternally grateful for having been born into the gospel, because who knows if i would have found it otherwise. What a blessing it has been in my life and of our family. I thank Heavenly Father all the time for my amazing family and pray for you all too! Have a great week

Elder Hatch

My zone by a river going to Sipan


Anderson and Fernando´s baptisms. Anderson is the short young man, Jesus baptized him (the other young man who´s taller whose pants don’t fit) the patriarch baptized Fernando, he´s the oldish man.


The Sipan Museum


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