*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Whelp, the day finally came. This morning we went to the Zone Leaders´house to find out what changes are going to happen tomorrow and dun dun dun...... I´m getting changed, and i will be co-companion again. But they´re doing the changes differently now. They just tell us we´re getting changed and what our assignment will be, but not where or with who! Mean huh?! So this morning i started packing my bags and i´m almost all packed now. Tonight i´ll go say goodbye to all my baptisms and some investigators and members, then tomorrow at 8 in the morning all the missionaries in the whole mission who are having changes will go to the institute building with the president, etc. There we´ll find out where we go and with who! The suspense is killing me! haha but i only have to wait a day, but you´ll have to wait until next week. sorry. But i´m sad to leave all my friends i´ve made in my Zone, and my new pensionista, Socorro is super awesome even if the food she makes is pretty sketchy sometimes. But the mission is all about change and i´m super excited for it!
So, i was a little nervous to teach my lesson in district meeting with pres and sister Risso there, but there was still a little hope that they wouldn´t come to my class, because the other district in my zone was having their meeting too in the room next door! So, we started the meeting and we were talking about our investigators, etc. and they weren´t there so i figured i got lucky, then like a minute before the class was going to start, pres and sister Risso walked in and i got nervous! but the class actually went really well! it was on extending commitments. Because President Risso was there, everyone wanted to participate in the lesson a ton and show him how awesome of missionaries they are, plus he had a lot of really good insights, and the class was awesome! After that i did a work visit with Elder Rigby in his area. Tuesdays the zone leaders do all their administrative stuff, so i got really bored. I read a little of Jesus the Christ in spanish while i was waiting for him. Then we went to the mission office, and we were there F o r e v e r. I lost my desires to be an office elder, because it would get boring pretty fast. I watched a talk by Elder Holland on the computer there though. Elder Rigby finished his mission today, and now he´s with his dad going around Chiclayo and they´re going to cuzco in a few days.
I had a number of experiences where i felt the spirit really strongly this week. I studied the church Christ organized during his earthly ministry in Israel, and i found scripture after scripture that confirmed that our church is true. It was seriously like a game and i was so happy, i felt like a little kid searching for candy. The next day i studied the apostasy, and the experience was the same. I read the chapter on the apostasy in Jesus the Christ too which is amazing. I have studied christ´s church and the apostasy probably 15 other times, but this week so many things popped out to me and i loved it!
Also, we were knocking doors one afternoon, and not having much success. we went down a street i´ve walked down probably 10 times and never thought to knock doors there because there aren´t many houses, and i don´t know what i felt but i just walked straight to one house. A couple little girls answered the door and we told them to call their mom, which they did. She came to the door, smiled, and said hold on a second, came back a minute later and invited us in! We were thinking what? we didn´t even say anything and she invited us in! Turns out missionaries visited her a few years ago, she even went to church a couple times, but the missionaries got changed and stopped coming to her house. It was a great experience with being guided by the spirit!
This letter seems really long, so i´ll stop now! it´ll be an exciting week getting to know my new area and companion. Pray for me!
Elder Hatch

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