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Monday, August 8, 2011



This week was full of ups and downs...

I feel like i´ve been in my area f o r e v e r! And feel like I know everyone and sometimes wonder if there are any more people to find and teach, but we keep finding new people somehow! We´re teaching a youngish couple with a few kids, who is actually married!!!!!! it´s a miracle, and we found them knocking doors. They are excited to learn and we just gave them books of mormon, we`ll see how they do with that! This week a family of three, Jose, soledad, and esmeralda, were going to get baptized (this coming saturday) but yesterday they told us they don´t want to do it. I was so frustrated because they set their own date for the 13th over a month ago. As soledad was explaining why they didn´t want to do it, i felt like she was just piling a bunch of bricks on me and i was so bummed! but they´re going to keep going to church, and i know they´ll get baptized eventually, just not with me.. :(  We still have one, Evelyn, who is a possibility of being baptized this saturday. Oh yeah, now we´re baptizing on saturdays instead of sundays so they don´t have to wait a week to get confirmed! Elder Insaurralde and I are getting to be good buddies, we joke around a lot and we always joke with our pensionista. When we walk in to eat i ask her if i can use her sink to wash my hands and she always says no, so i say whelp, i don´t care and i´m going to use it anyway! she´s really funny and we have a great time there. We watch church movies there sometimes too. Oh, and speaking of the pension, this week i ate goat again, and it´s actually one of my favorite meats! And today for lunch we had octopus.. not one of my favorite meats. But i ate it! it tastes fine, i just don´t like the consistency.

There was a meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers, and since elder insaurralde is still in his second change, we went. It was with president ans sister Risso, the assistents, etc. They had some really good advice, and I was the only one training with six months in the mission... haha for part of it we divided up with the new missionaries and the trainers. I felt like i should be with the newbies, but president risso said i´m technically training even though my title says i´m a co-companion, so i went with them. Saturday there was a missionary training activity for the youth of another stake here in chiclayo, and we were invited to go. I didn´t really know what was going to happen there, but we got divided up with a few youth each and did practices of how to contact people in the street, then went and knocked doors for two hours! One of the 17 year old kids i was with was awesome at teaching, he´ll be a great missionary. The other barely even said anything, and reminded me of what i would have been like two years ago. It´s amazing how much quicker you learn and progress in the mission! I can honestly say i have no fear of going up to anybody and starting to talk to them. Ever since being a missionary it just seems normal to me. The Lord definitely expands and enlarges the abilities of His missionaries.

Last night we taught a lady who believes that Hell is here on earth. It was really weird, but i ended up just bearing my testimony to her about the purpose of life, and i felt so grateful for always having known the answers to the questions like where do we come from, why are we here, and where do we go after life? I know that God´s plan for us is perfect, and that Christ is the absolute key to everything. I love him. I love learning more about Him through the scriptures and drawing nearer to Him as I try to be more like Him. He is the ultimate role model and makes everything worthwhile. I´m so grateful to be in His work and to have chosen while I was still young that He would always come first. Seeing other guys my age on the corners drinking, selling drugs, and having kids out of wedlock, I just feel so grateful for the Gospel. I know it´s all true! I love you, have a great week.

Elder Hatch

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