*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, April 16, 2012


First and foremost, it has been SO hot here this week. Technically it´s fall now but it has gotten way hotter! We were walking along this dirt road a few days ago and i honestly felt like i was being roasted. We sleep with the fan on, i´m so grateful for that fan, and when we go to the mission office (it´s air conditioned) it´s like heaven, and it´s hard to leave sometimes. The heat is especially rough on elder Cox because he´s been in the air conditioned office for 10 months, but i always tell him being in the heat builds character. We played catch with my football then we played volleyball as a zone, and i put on sunscreen but i´m pretty sure i got burned anyway.
As for packages, the little ones come easily in boxes, but the bags/envelopes are bigger, cheaper, and get here faster, so i would recommend going with those! All dad´s prosthetics sound awesome, i want to see pictures!
I´m glad to hear we have a better tv/speaker set up now! Now all we need is a pool in the back yard :) The grandkids would love it mom, and i wouldn´t mind it either :)
Here in the area things are moving along slowly. The families we´re teaching all have problems that are keeping them from being baptized.. The Tellos want their schizophrenic member daughter to act perfectly or they don´t want to be baptized. We´re explaining to them that that has nothing to do with them being baptized.. oh well we´re praying. The Campos are NEVER home, but came to our ward game night we had this week. The Frias... Marjori, who´s 18, is a nursing student and in june she starts her second semester which involves practices in the hospital every morning, sundays included. So, she said she doesn´t want to be baptized then go inactive for a few months. We read 1 Nephi 3:7 with her and invited her to pray for a way to make it work out. Her older sister who we thought was living together with her boyfriend is actually married. She is very interested and has been to church twice, but she just had a baby cesarean this week so she´s out for a few weeks. Kind of frustrating. But the blessing this week was that a 12ish year old kid, friend of the bishop´s son, came up to me in church and said when can i get baptized? i told him the 28th and he was all excited, so i hope that works out! His name is Jean Pierre. We´ve taught his mom before and she´s really receptive, but apparently his dad isn´t wild about it. I hope that all works out.. I haven´t had a baptism in a while and it gets frustrating. We don´t have as much time to dedicate to teaching as we would like, but we always make the best of what little time we have.
This week we had a conference for the district and zone leaders in the mission and i actually participated a lot. I usually just like to listen to everyone else, but now i´m becoming more of a participater. President Risso made the analogy of how leadership in the church is like a relay race. One person gets the baton and runs until they hand it off to the next guy. Each runner is important and everyone gets the prize. The important part is that everyone gives their individual all.
We´re working hard and time keeps flying by. Elder Cox is starting to think about home because he has to enroll in utah state for fall semester really soon!
Love you!
Elder Hatch


Right when Hermana Gorosito was going to take my picture a little three year old granddaughter of some invesigators called me and told me i love you, so this is me saying i love you back haha.
And here´s the second take. Today for p-day we made burritos as a zone! They were amazing. I felt like i was back in the dorms at byu with my bean burritos every day.
The last picture is of a fruit called mamay. it´s not very good.. on the outside it looks like a brown coconut but inside is orange with huge pits and tastes like a really bland apple/carrot.




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