*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, April 30, 2012


We´re in the same stinky internet and i can´t send pictures again. 


This week was amazing. We had so many blessings come to our area because of our fast. I can´t even explain how big of a turn around our area has had, and we´re so happy! We didn´t change anything about our way of working or anything, but the people just all started progressing! This week we had TWELVE investigators in church and four of our investigators accepted baptismal dates for this month! Katherine and Jorge, two teenagers, will be baptized on the 12th, and we have a lot of other possible baptisms in between and then on the 26th Eugenio, a 78 year old man will be baptized and maybe a lady we´re teaching who needs to get married before she can be baptized. When i saw all our investigators filing into church i almost started crying. For the first three weeks elder Cox was here with me we had a total of one investigator in church, and now it´s so awesome to see the blessings. 

What´s your cell phone number mom? i think i forgot.. I think i´ll probably call a little earlier on sunday because now sunday nights we´re really busy with ward council and reports from the zone. I´ll let you know the info when i call. And as for skype i´m not sure, i´ll have to talk to the assistants to see if we´re allowed to. 

Every tuesday we have zone meetings that are about missionary work. First they have a meeting with their districts for about an hour and a half where the district leader teaches something then they practice teaching for about an hour. Then they all come in with us and we give announcements, teach something usually, and sometimes have testimonies. This last week two missionaries in my zone finished their missions and gave their testimonies. They talked like 15 minutes each, it was killer. 

here it never really gets cold enough to want anything more than a sweater, i´m sure i´ll be fine with just that! 

I have a question that mom reminded me of with what she said about like 99 percent of the spirits accepting the gospel in the next life. We have had the debate in our zone about whether the spirit world is actually two separated physical areas or if it´s spirit prison and paradise based on the state of mind of the person. I don´t know why a person wouldn´t accept the gospel and pass over to paradise if it´s possible! 

This week are changes, and Elder Cox is leaving to another area as a zone leader. I´m sad that he´s going because we´re going to finally have baptisms! But i´m happy that i get to stay in my area and baptize! I´ll have a new companion tomorrow. Everyone in our area (each companionship) has a change and so we´ll have a lot of new missionaries in the zone! I´m excited for everything. Love you family and have a great week!

Elder Hatch

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