*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Wow i´m so sad to hear that dad´s leg got infected! I can´t believe all the problems, but i know dad´s going to persevere well through it all. What a bummer that he couldn´t go to disneyland with the family. i wish that would have worked out. It sounds like it´s under control, though and i´ll definitely be praying for you! 
I know last week i said it was an amazing week, but this week was better! When Elder Cox and i were bummed out because none of our investigators were receiving answers about the church or the book of mormon, i couldn´t have imagined the turn around that would happen in just two short weeks! Number one, i got a great new companion. I was nervous for my new companion, because elder cox and i got along perfectly, but Elder Lobato, my new companion, is a champ too. He´s from Lima, really close to where Elder Orcohuaranga lives. He has 3 months left in the mission, and it´s been his first week as a zone leader. It´s been fun showing him the ropes. He always calls me "cholo" which is what the mexicans in my high school used to always call each other- i´m still getting used to it. But it just means dude in a slang way. 
 The real blessings have been flowing in with our investigators though! We have 8 people who will be baptized this month now! Two this next saturday, five on the 19th, and 1 on the 26th! I´m honestly just dying with happiness, and can´t wait to see everyone baptized! I feel like i must be getting some tithing blessings, because the windows of heaven are seriously open and the blessings are overflowing! A few other areas are going to have lots of baptisms this month. In Tuman then have five planned for this next saturday! We´re all really excited. 
As for mother´s day, i´m not sure what day i´ll call to set up the appointment. The good news is that i will be able to call on skype! The bad news is that we can only talk for 30 minutes this time. But i´ll call and we can set everything up. I´m thinking sunday at like four in the afternoon my time. Take lots of pictures in california and send me some! I love seeing the family. 
Today for our zone activity we took everyone to a little town called Zaña. It´s like 45 mintues south of chiclayo, and there´s some really cool ruins of monasteries there. We toured around for a bit and took some fun pictures, then came back and ate chinese food in chiclayo before returning to our areas. My p.days now are some of the most stressful days, because i have to be everyone´s mom and plan everything and make sure everyone´s having fun and nobody´s being left out, etc. And there´s a missionary in our zone who´s always flirting with the sister missionaries... But that´s all part of the fun of being zone leader! 
haha that´s so awesome that you guys ended up in a Spanish ward! I´m glad you´re reaching out to other cultures :) But i hope you liked it, it´s my life now! It´s going to be weird to have church in english! I know the scriptures and everything better in spanish now than english! Oh and i totally forgot to wish mom and dad HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope that´s how you spell it. I´m bad with english now. And happy birthday to AARON!! I always think of these things during the week then when i´m in email i forget. But i love you guys and i am so happy and loving every second of life. I just feel ripped off that time is going by way too fast. Tomorrow we have a meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission in Chiclayo and president risso. We have to give an accounting of our responsibilities, it´s kind of scary but fun! love you and have a great week! 
Elder Hatch 

Here´s a picture of the  new zone on a really sketchy hanging bridge (they took the picture from the bridge they actually use) in a place called Zaña!
Inside the monastery, it was a sweet view, this is called the choir room. it had beautiful arches above. 

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