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Monday, May 28, 2012



This week was pretty calm. The phones here in Pomalca haven´t really been working, because they´re redoing the cell phone tower or something like that, so we had four glorious days of basically working like normal missionaries, the others couldn´t even call us :) haha, but i was worried they´d need something and we wouldn´t be able to help them. I feel like a mom! But everything went smoothly until reports last night. The assistants called us like ten times and we called them a million times. We ended up having to report today, a day late, but it was fine. Our zone reached its goal of 15 baptisms this month! That´s the best we´ve done this year so far, so elder Lobato and i are pretty happy. The sad part is that the baptisms are basically all in our ward and Tuman, another ward. A lot of companionships blanked. I was thinking of rewarding the zone for reaching the goal, but we realized that actually pretty much nobody reached their individual goals, and we have no money for a reward, so positive reinforcement will have to wait.. 
We had a multizone conference with President Risso and three other zones of missionaries. That was fun. Pres Risso was a seminary and institute teacher, and every time he teaches us about the scriptures it blows me away. His knowledge is so deep and solid, it makes me want to study ancient scripture at BYU... I love the scriptures. 
This week i had an interesting experience with a family we found through a referral. The lady´s grandma showed us her house, and we got in to teach the lady. Right after we got done getting to know her, she said ¨i know all you want to do is trap me and baptize me,  but i don´t want to be baptized.¨ She had never even listened to the missionaries before and i don´t know why, but it just made me sad and mad to hear her say that. we kind of brushed it off and taught her the law of chastity because she´s not married to her ¨husband¨of 15 years. She told us she doesn´t want to get married to him. When we finished up teaching her that she needed to be married to live God´s commandments she said the same thing about not wanting to be baptized, and we still hadn´t even said a word to her about baptism! Then her 17 year old daughter said the same thing to us, and we both kind of lost patience and explained to them that they aren´t ready for baptism and that it´s good that they don´t want to be baptized because we don´t want to baptize them either! We told them we want to help them to learn and live the commandments, so we´d like to visit them and teach them. They wouldn´t accept a second appointment though.. it was frustrating. Not a very good referral. 
Mom- No, i´m not using sunscreen. I only use it on P-days when we´re outside all the time. I´m fine though, no worries :) And here it´s getting to be winter season! the kids just got into school, and their summer is during our winter, still a long way away. Almost all the schools here are boys only and girls only. I can´t imagine having done that! Apparently they act better that way.. Thanks so much for zach´s address, i´ll write him next week! I´m excited to see how he´s doing. 
This week i started teaching piano lessons in the church! The piano is ghetto and like 5 keys don´t work, but i mostly taught about how to read music to my three students. They really liked it, and i hope more come this week! Elder Kettering, the other gringo here is teaching english while i teach piano. and i´m going to teach how to sing new hymns to some relief society ladies, because they ALWAYS sing the same 10 hymns here and i always mix it up when i choose the songs in meetings, etc. I chose Faith (i don´t know if that´s what it´s called in english) yesterday and basically sung a solo because they´d never heard it before! 
Things are going well, we have a few potential baptisms we´re working with, and i think i´ll only be here two more weeks in pomalca. I´ll be praying and fasting for dad. I hope you can have a quick recovery Dad, I love you and pray for you all the time. 
I know God loves us so much and I love Him so much! I have really learned what he wants me to do, and feel so determined to do it! 
Have a good week :) 
Elder Hatch 

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