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Monday, June 4, 2012


Today we went to the beach as a zone, it was awesome! We went to the same beach i went to in November, and this time i enjoyed it even more. I took my football mom and dad gave me for Christmas, and we had a good time with that, we played some baseball with a volleyball and a stick we found on the beach, and soccer too. There were a ton of crabs, beached boats, huge cliffs and a pier we walked out on where people were fishing, a lot like the one in Newport minus the restaurant on the end. I got my gymnastics going again.. It had been a good six months since I've done a backflip, and i wasn't sure if i would be able to do it anymore because I'm fat and old now and haven't even exercised in a few months, but it was easy! We had a great time, and basically nobody else was there on the beach but us!
This week Elder Lobato and I had a good week. We found three new people who want to be baptized, and now we have four with baptismal dates for the 16th.. The sad part is that I'm pretty sure i won't be here to see them be baptized, but i get to do all the fun teaching at least! I had another really interesting baptismal interview.. Maybe someday I'll share the details in private.. But in the end he passed the interview and got baptized! And we found a couple who was really interesting to teach for the first time. They run an internet cafe place in their house, so they attended us outside in the noisy street...  But the man had some very interesting points of view. One thing he said was that he's heard that in the years of Jesus' life that the bible doesn't talk about he may have gone and learned from Buddha!! I seriously had to gag to not burst out laughing!
Piano lessons are going well not too many people go.. Everyone always gets excited when we tell them about the lessons, but then in the moment they don't show up! But the few that have gone are doing well. I've been teaching how to read music. And no, i don't play in church because we always get there late with investigators and this week we didn't even get to take the sacrament :( But in meetings with missionaries, yes i play. I got the package too! It came really fast! And thanks so much for everything in it, the perfect package! I love the BYU pens and stickers:)
That's awesome that school's out and finally mom gets to relax a bit, that's a bummer that the deer ate all the flowers though! Here the cockroaches eat all my food.. just kidding, but i did find a few in my dresser one night. I killed one with a fly swatter, but the other got away.
Today when we were in Chiclayo going to the terminal to go to the beach, i ran into one of my converts, and last week i ran into one too!! It's been so cool! The best part is that both of them are still active :) Last week i saw and talked to Elio Floreano, and today i saw Luz Leiva!! They both reach the year mark this month! Fastest year in history! But seeing them was so surreal, and i got way happy and giddy. I can't imagine what it will be like to see them in the Celestial Kingdom :)
Take care and have an amazing week. I love you all so much!
Elder Hatch





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