*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I´ll start off with the news, I got transfered to the very far away and exotic area of the Latina stake. It´s about 7 hours into the jungle and here the people speak mostly the native language, Quechua. Just kidding. I´m in the latina stake, aka the same stake i started my mission in! It´s four blocks away from the Campodonico ward haha! So, I´m back in Chiclayo, after my four and a half month break (even though i was only ten minutes away in Pomalca). My ward is called Francisco Cabrera, and it´s about four blocks by 12 blocks, tiny! In the transfer meeting after it was all finished, president Risso pulled me aside and told me that in my new ward there hasn´t been a baptism in 6 months, and they´re thinking about dissolving the ward because it´s so weak. When i got to my area i realized the state the work was in. Our area book (where they investigators´ teaching records go, etc) was covered in dust. There are no records of investigators for the last 6 months.. it´s bad. But i´m excited for the challenge. We found a few cool new investigators this week and are still searching for new people. President Risso said he wants us to mainly focus on helping the members.. But i´m definitely going to try to baptize too! Oh yeah, and we´re still zone leaders. I´ll get to visit the people we baptized in Campodonico and Jose Balta over a year ago!!
My companion is Elder Santos (elder saints), from Lima. He finishes his mission in two months. they keep giving me companions that are finishing their missions! I guess i need to keep them obedient and working :)
bad news, i still can´t find my debit card. i´ll give it one more week, and if it doesn´t turn up we may have to cancel it again. dang it.
I didn´t get to go to the stake conference in Pomalca, because i got transferred, and i´m not sure about the baptisms in Pomalca either. We delayed them one week, so they should be getting baptized this saturday. President Risso gave me permission to go to their baptisms if i want to, so i´ll have to call elder Lobato and find out what´s going on with them.
Today we went to the beach again, this time to a new beach called santa rosa, it was really fun! Our zone is big, with 22 missionaries, so it´s a lot of responsibility! I´m sure these next few months will be challenging, but that´s why i´m here! I love your letters and support. I hope everything is going great at home, because i´m as happy as can be here. I love you so much!
Elder Hatch
PS, i gave a talk in my new ward about being truly converted. The bishop called and asked me to do it in the morning, oh, our meetings on sundays start at 2 PM!! Proselyting sunday morning was really weird. But it was nice to be able to prepare a bit and give a good talk. 

 picture number one, HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD!!
this is the campos family, minus their step mom. Shirley , danny, estrella (their cousin), and lesly are seated, and in the middle standing is their dad, Rudecindo. (shirley and lesly got baptized a few weeks ago)
this is Jesus and anshy´s family, (they just got baptized too)   

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