*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



First of all, it was awesome to be able to talk to mom and dad yesterday! It felt weird because we´re so far away but i felt so close and like i haven´t even been away from home. Time is going way too fast and i´m loving life so much! oh, and i got the letter from mom with the swedish fish! Thanks :) I love you
We watched a movie that elder lobato has about daniel the other day with a member family for their family home evening and it inspired me to read the book of Daniel in the old testament. It´s an awesome story, and i really like king (in spanish, i can´t remember how it is in english) Naboconosor´s frame of mind. First he wants to kill anyone who can´t interpret his dream, then anyone who doesn´t worship his golden statue, then anyone who doesn´t worship the true God when he realizes Daniel´s god is the only God of miracles. Then his son gets mad at daniel and decides to throw him in the lion´s den. They were a little blood thirsty.. At least if we don´t like our politicians´ decisions, they´re not THAT bad. :) 
Thanks for all the pictures of the california trip, it looks like you had a great time. I´m sorry that i still can´t send pictures.. I thought i was being smart and put all my pictures on a CD, then i get here to the internet and my computer doesn´t have a place to put in a CD!? oh well, next week. 
The Highlight of the week were Jorge and Katherine´s baptisms on Saturday. Jorge is such an amazing young man. He´s 16 and was the most excited person ever for his baptism. When we would walk by him in church he would say elders! then plug his nose and lean backwards and say the 12th! haha just always reminding us of his baptism. Now that he´s a member we´re going to take him with us to visit some people we´re teaching so his awesome spirit can rub off on them. 
I feel like i already told mom and dad everything.. ooh one fun thing is that today when we were buying groceries i found ginger ale, reeses, and a cookies and cream hershey´s bar in the store!! I haven´t seen american chocolate in 15 months! Even though they were almost 2 dollars a piece i bought them, and i´m really looking forward to eating them. It´ll be a good week with candy and four programmed baptisms! 
I love and miss you lots, 
Elder Hatch 

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