*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This week was awesome! We went to Cajamarca with President and Sister Risso from Wednesday to Friday night, and had a great time.Wednesday afternoon we worked with the zone leaders, and Thursday morning we did a training for the district and zone leaders there in Cajamarca. It was cool for me because Elder Hurst was there, the Elder that i trained! He's district leader now and i always hear great things about him. Friday we had the special zone conference where we gave them some ideas of new things to do in their work areas and trained on how to study more effectively. We get to do the same meeting three more times in the next two weeks. That afternoon we went out to work with a companionship in Cajamarca and it was so amazingly beautiful there! I don't have my camera right here to put the pictures of the Cajamarca trip on, but next week i'll send some. There the ladies wear traditional clothes, cool sombrero type hats, and have their babies in fabric backpack things hanging on their back! It's what i imagined peru would be like. We trekked up hills and i felt weak and short of breath because it's up in the mountains! it was really cold too, and i had to sleep with three blankets and the beanie with a built in beard that Lindsey and Casey gave me! We also revised the area books of all the elders in the zone to make sure they're filling out all the teaching records right, etc. And after we finished everything we packed up everything in the car and went back to Chiclayo. The car trips were some of the most memorable parts though! President Risso used to be a drummer in a band, and really likes music. he always sings along to music, he gave us all the updates on the Olympics, told us all about when he was called as a mission president, his interviews over video conference with Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf etc. It was awesome!

This week we are going to the other far away zone, Jaen, which is borderline jungle region. We'll be there for a day, then we're going to an area that's three hours away from there in the middle of nowhere, Chachapoyas. Everyone wants to go there, and i finally get to see it!! I'm excited. It'll be a lot like the trip to Cajamarca, we're doing the same conference and we'll do exchanges with other missionaries, etc. Oh, and i heard from Austin Saguibo this week! He's assistant in the Paris France mission! haha i was excited when i heard that. 

Saturday night President and Sister Risso invited all six office elders over to their house to eat food from Uruguay. We ate sandwiches that are like hamburgers but have a steak instead of ground beef! It was really good, and we had a good time there in the mission house. i'm sending a picture of that too. 

In our ward we're really only working with a few people, one is an inactive lady named Diana. She's 24 and finishing up her education to be a nurse. She asks us ALL the difficult questions. Why couldn't the blacks have the priesthood? Why does the church discriminate against homosexuals? etc. It's really fun to teach her, because we never know what she's going to ask us! We've had some good lessons with her, but the best part was that she went to church this week! 

yes, there are tons of food stands in the streets! And shaved ice too, but you never know if the water is sanitary... I've had it a few times. they give it to you in a plastic bag instead of a cup. 

I'm out of time, it's late and we need to get to work in our area! I love you and i love this work! I'm working hard to contact all the taxi drivers we meet every day. That's about the only chance we get to teach some days, so i'm improving on that. 

Elder Hatch 

The first picture is of our apartment! It's awesome with three rooms, a kitchen and a big bathroom with heated water!! And the second picture is of my desk, my animal crackers spilled!




More pictures: I cut a ton of onions in a members' house and i was crying!

The other picture is one Elder Chuiz took of me from behind while we were walking in our area..




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