*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, August 6, 2012



I don´t have too much time today, we´re doing some last minute preparations for the meeting we have tomorrow with all the zone leaders in the mission. today we played a bunch of games outside with a zone of missionaries and ate mcdonalds after! Just a month ago the first mcdonalds came here to Chiclayo. 

As for the letters and packages, i haven´t gotten anything. The mail system workers are still on strike.. Everyone is going crazy here with no mail! And i have good/bad news!!! haha today i was looking for something in one of my suitcases and there in the open was MY DEBIT CARD!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, i had honestly searched through my bags four times each, took everything out and put it back in twice, i looked EVERYWHERE. And today when i saw it sitting there i just started laughing. So this is the second time i´ve told you my card is gone then found it while the new card is en route to Peru. i´m sorry, but i seriously couldn´t find it before. 

The Rissos don´t have any children living here, they´re all older and married with kids. the family just came here to visit last week. 

President Risso came back from lima, now he´s using a back brace, and they told him that his spine is basically shot. the area doctor of the church said that if President Risso were a horse he´s shoot him! So he´s a little bummed that he just has to live with it and take pain pills, but he´s excited to be back here working like normal again. 

All week we couldn´t find anthony. He´s looking for a job and studying now, so it´s going to be almost impossible to teach him. The nice part about being assistant is that we have basically unlimited minutes to call people on our cell phone, so we can keep in touch even if we can´t visit people, and anthony went to church. In our area we´re mostly working with members trying to get referrals, because knocking doors and getting in is almost impossible in our area, and not very effective for the little time we have there. 

Wednesday elder Chuiz and I pack up and load into Pres Risso´s car with him and his wife, and we´re going to Cajamarca, a zone that´s six hours away from here, to train district leaders, have a special zone conference, and work with the missionaries. We´ll be there three or four days. Everyone says Cajamarca is so beautiful, it´s in the mountains! you should google it! 

As for my coming home... I´m leaning toward coming home january 8th. Here are my thoughts on the living situation: if i live by campus i wouldn´t necessarily need a car, but if i live at home i think i would. So either way i´ll have to spend money that i don´t have! haha 

Everything´s great with me! Thanks so much for all the prayers and love. I´ve been super healthy my whole mission, and the only reason i can think of is all the family that must be praying for me to be healthy! So keep it up because i don´t want to get sick :) 

The gospel is true and makes me so happy! I´m reading John in the new testament, and had a fun time comparing scriptures to prove that Jesus is Jehova and that the Godhead are 3 different beings. Before the mission i would have never done that much less enjoyed it! I think it´s like the 10th time i´ve studied the same thing, but i have to polish up my skills just in case. 

I love you! 

Elder Hatch

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