*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last letter from the Peru MTC!

first and foremost, the bets are off, i made it through the mtc! haha it's been awesome and now i have less than a week left! it's surreal to think i'll actually get to work in a few days!  elder cochrane (broken wrist elder) is back! president whetten just randomly told me he would be coming back in the morning one night last week, then he was here! they didn't release him and he got surgery and had to have a companion with him for like a month while he was recovering! bummer. but he has at long last returned! ok now i'll answer all your questions then write my stuff. i've had beans here twice, and when we do get them it's an absolute blessing! i haven´t gotten anything from the family in the real mail. the only mail i´ve gotten in the last week has been a letter from melg and a dear elder from lindsey.. i´m still waiting for the card, i hope it gets here before i leave or i´m kind of up a creek. oh cameron emailed me! i´m pumped for that! yeah i thought i wrote already about my interview! maybe not.. he interviewed me over a video conference thing with the president of international mtc's there and asked me all about both mtcs and comparisons etc, it was unreal. and i talked to an elder and sister in the england mtc. i was just chillin in some conference room with pres whetten for like a half hour chatting. that's like the definition of my mission, i would have never guessed i would spend close to this much time with the mtc pres. i have no idea how the interview will be published or anything, keep an eye out and let me know! all i know about going to piura is that i leave next tuesday and i´ll go on an airplane ( it would take 12 hours by bus). i assume i'll go with all the other 12ish elders who are going to piura! elder sims and i are the only gringos going there this transfer.

rod mansfield is getting the truck?! lucky. now it will just taunt me always seeing it and not having it.. haha. ok i forgot to answer this forever ago, but there are no guards with guns at the mtc. at night at some place across the street there are, they look like ninjas. but there are guards here all the time, but they´re just cool regular guys who run and open the gate when people need to get out or in. this week i translated sacrament meeting which was fun, but i feel weird translating.. this week i couldn´t remember the word atonement for like five minutes, in spanish it's expiacion and i´ve said that like 3000 times and totally forgot the word atonement! tell david that i did write him back like a month ago! in the provo mtc i think.. i sent it to his real house? and i've written everyone back whose letters i've ever gotten, so if you've written me and haven't gotten anything back blame the mail! (then write me again) linds did you accept a peruvian lady as my facebook friend?! it was hermana boza, my fantastic teacher and one day she came up to me and was like elder hatch we're facebook friends! but in spanish. which is basically the same. i´m so pumped because she's my favorite peruvian person ever. haha i loved the letter from lindsey, and i'd like to welcome the european and asian people who are apparently viewing my blog. consider yourself at home. keep the byu updates coming! news is scarce here! linds, the papa john's was great, almost the same as in the us. yesterday i learned how to do those obnoxious pen tricks that people always do, and i've never been so happy! the best one is the thumb one that casey can do! i got it down with my right and left hands, that's my major accomplishment this week haha. it's been fairly uneventful, just regular old studying and learning spanish. i´m loving it so much! oh yeah which mission in chile is david going to? and yes ask zach white about farewells or something! love you, have a good week! elder hatch

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