*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 4 in Peru

First of all, i read that david is going to chile and started crying! that is so exciting! now he just needs to write me and quit being worthless! ah, congrats david, you better be reading this. as for the onions and fish, we had it again yesterday. i can't thank you for forcing me to eat onions, but i can almost thank you. so, kind of thanks mom. :) seriously the fish is my favorite meat here, and i like rice again. my food experience has been a roller coaster, but as for now i'm on the top of it. i made a goal to not complain about anything, especially the food, and it's amazing how much better everything has been just since i decided to have a better attitude about it. the day when just the three of us were here we made a bunch of goals to be the kind of leaders we should when the new group came in. haha when i greeted the new group coming in i put my alarm clock right by my bed but just turned it off and went back to sleep, luckily elder schomburg wanted to help me out and we woke up to his alarm a few minutes later. being a zone leader has been really fun, it feels really good to be able to answer people's questions and be the knowledgeable  one for a change. this week absolutely flew by. the new elder morales is awesome. elder schomburg's companion, elder iza is 25, he just got baptized two years ago and is on his mission now, what a stud! it amazes me how quickly people give up everyhing in their lives for the gospel. please tell the freemans to get cameron to write me! i want to talk to him! yeah send stuff to piura from now on, and i haven't gotten any of your regular mail which is weird because i've gotten a few from other people... i'm sure they'll come soon though. serpost is probably just being slow with them if they have more than just paper in them.. i'm sleeping a lot better now, and i´m not nearly as tired during the days. sorry this letter is so short and random, a lot of people emailed me this week so i've been reading them and now don't have very much time to write. three more minutes now! i can't remember much that has happened this week other than getting all settled in with the new group. i love it here so much, but am definitely ready to get out into the field. the church is so true it's almost funny, and i'm starting to get too into my fake practicing situations. we were teaching our maestra, hna dionocio, last night in a kind of progressing investigator thing and she said she had been obeying the word of wisdom and i got so so happy! i couldn't stop smiling, and then she accepted the baptismal challenge. haha it's great here. happy birthday everyone. i love you so much and love hearing from you all. enjoy all the comforts in america because i can't!

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