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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 3 in Peru

Family! for some reason when you push enter on these computers it doesn´t go down to the next line, so just imagine that the formatting is good on this :) This week has been such an amazing one, so many things have happened and i´m loving it here so much! to start off, a bunch of random stuff so i don´t forget it. I have a wishlist now for things i would like when i get out to the field. i would like a calendar that i can hang up on the wall, and then for the next special occasion.. i don´t know what´s next haha the fourth of july? but i could really use some new glasses, mine are super scratched. you could send me pictures of some that i could get or something, i would just like some kind of basic ones.

ok, now my week. thursday and friday were just normal, nothing too exciting, so i'll skip to saturday, tracting! this week elder almeyda got switched to elder altom because elder altom's companion went home. so i was back to one companion, so we got to go out with another missionary from the lima central mission who was the most amazing i´ve ever seen! he was pretty new but just had the best attitude and was american so i was inspired to talk a lot more than usual and be really outgoing. that elder left to an appointment after like an hour so it was just me and elder morales and i decided to pretend i was that missionary, and it worked! i honestly talked more than elder morales did for the next few hours and i felt so good about it! we didn´t get into any houses but we taught a few lessons in the street and i was honestly more happy than i´ve ever been, i couldn´t stop smiling! then after lunch things got really hard, everyone was shutting us down hard core and we couldn't even get a street lesson in. so, elder morales suggested that we go into this little park ( these parks are everywhere, it's like a block size and has a circle in the middle with a raised glass case with either a porcelin statue of jesus, baby jesus, mary, or a pope in it) and pray that we could get into a house and teach a lesson. well, about ten seconds after that we walked by a little family sitting under a tiny tree in like four feet of shade in the park, so we started talking to them, sat down, and taught them about baptism. i shared 2 nephi 31 where it talks about following jesus and being baptized, then we committed the old lady, maria, and her neice, estefani, like 11 to be baptized and they accepted! it was such an aweosme feeling. then like an hour later we got into a guy named perci's house and taught him the plan of salvation, but like halfway through the lesson i felt like he needed to be taught more about baptism so i took it in that direction and he committed to be baptized too! three in one day!  not bad for new missionaries :) i absolutely know that we went into that park to pray because elder morales was guided there by the spirit. i was determined to knock every door in that neighboorhood, and if we had we would never found that little family. what an amazing example of being guided by the spirit! i hope they stick to their committments and be baptized, it will absolutely change their lives.

yesterday morning all the elders left to their missions except schomburg, sims and i, so we were the only ones here like all day yesterday. our teachers came and taught just us, then at lunch we ate in the cafeteria with pres and hna whetten, and got to eat a lot of extra desert: donuts that were so good! i had three. and then we had class in the afternoon with hna boza, who is my absolute favorite person in the world. she is so so so spiritual and her testimony could make anyone feel the spirit. she taught us an amazing lesson and we watched a movie about pres monson, on the lord's errand, which is so good! then she went out and bought us papa john's pizza and inca cola for dinner, but we still had to eat the cafeteria food too so i was so full, but papa john's was SO good! yesterday was an absolute tender mercy of the lord! we moved rooms last night and i found out that my new companion will be another elder morales, this time from guatemala though! he'll come in later today probably, i'm excited to meet him! this morning we did laundry and i wrote a few letters, and i got called down to president whetten's office over the intercom, so i went and talked to him and he called me to be a zone leader. i'm excited to get to be a leader here and hopefully i can help some people that are having a rough time transitioning into the mission.

Tonight at like 2:30 am the new shipment of 17 ish americans is coming in, and i get to be there to welcome them and give them all their info etc. so, tomorrow i'll be absolutely dead tired. elder sims got some soy sauce last week at tottus, the grocery store that's basically a target, and that has helped so much with the rice! i´m starting to like it again now! and all my treats i bought at tottus have really helped. today at 12:30 the three of us get to go on a tour of lima. we're going to the beach, a fancy park, and a huge marketplace downtown where we can do lots of shopping. and we get to have Burger King for lunch then pizza again for dinner i think! ah i just wish i could spread these two days out over my six weeks here, because the food here gets incredibly repetitive. regardless of the changes and differences here, i absolutely love it. i can feel the blessings of being a missionary in my life so strongly! i know by myself i could never understand spanish as well as i do, and waking up every morning i´m happy because i get to spend my time in the lord's work. oh and here's proof of my abilities being enlarged as a missionary. two days ago all they had left for dinner was fish, so guess what i ate? fish. and guess what i absolutely loved? fish. guess what else i now regularly eat? peppers and onions. mom, if you're crying right now, you should be, because i don't know how i'm doing it either. i hope my new companion is as good as my last one! this week i only got an email from dad, everyone write more! and it would take way too long to send pics here, i'll just send them once i'm in the field. i love you guys! the gospel is just as true here as it is in provo utah! haha love eld hatch

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