*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi fam.
This week has been AWESOME! And pretty much every week for that matter. I just love the mission. I´ve been forgetful in my emails lately, and totally forgot to thank you for the voice recorder and everything! I´m sending a few voice files i recorded, i hope it works. If you like it, i could just talk about my week and send it, and save a whole bunch of time writing emails!
Ok, about this week. Wednesday morning at 8 all the new trainers had to be in the office to receive the new missionaries! We had a few hours of talking with president Risso and the assistants, then it was the super intense moment of getting my new companion assigned to me! He is Elder Hurst from Dallas, Texas. He went to byu the same time as me, but lived in wyview. He makes me look small, which is great too. His spanish is really good, with a little practice he´ll be an awesome missionary in no time! As long as i don´t mess him up too bad...
We´re living with four missionaries now, it´s super fun! Elder Morales´ new companion is from Argentina, and lived in the same mission that Reuben Christianson is serving in, and served as a mini missionary, and was in the same room as Reuben! He showed me pictures and it was cool!
Barrio means ward, sorry :) sometimes i mix up english and spanish. Los Amautas is the other half of what my area was before. We were in two wards, and now elder morales and his comp have Los Incas and we have Los Amautas. Elder Gonzales, Elder Morales´ companion has been in the field for 8 weeks, but mine is fresh as can be. Hna Graciela, aka sister graciela, is my pensionista! She added me as a friend on facebook too! you should add her mom. you can be friends with my mom away from home! haha
I don´t have a coat, but it´s turning back into summer. I got super sunburned today playing soccer! But even in the winter a sweater is fine.
Hilight of this week- we taught Jackeline Vasquez for the first time with Elder Hurst, and the time before elder Morales and I had assigned her Moroni 10 to read. She has been an investigator for like three years. The sister missionaries even used to live in their house (her family is mostly members), but she just didn´t want to change. She lived in ecuador for a while, where she lived a partying lifestyle, but about a month ago moved back here with her kids and family. She knew she wanted to be baptized, but wouldn´t accept a baptismal date. We didn´t really know what to do with her other than pray. So, elder Hurst´s first day meeting her, we started to analyze moroni 10 a bit, and she had marked it all up with highlighter like she loved it. And said exactly what dad sent me in his letter this week. Elders, I have been meditating and prayed, and i want to get baptized. I freaked out for a while, then asked her when. she shrugged, so i suggested saturday the 29th, but she wanted to do it sooner! Tuesday! So she had her interview with the zone leaders (elder price) last night and she´s getting baptized tomorrow!
It´s so fun to be training and trying to help build the confidence of my companion. Now i know how elder Orcohuaranga felt with me! a newbie gringo!
Love you!
Elder Hatch

Elder Hurst and I in the mission office! 


Waiting for a van to take us to Monsefú on the panamerican highway! 


Trying not to get eaten by a giant baby in the photo printing shop..


The elders in our zone.. There are 6 sisters too, but they were taking all the pictures of us!


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