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Monday, October 31, 2011



This week was pretty normal... I´m pondering over what i should write. Haha i´ll start out with the best news, everything went great with Jackeline´s baptism! Well, except that my camera battery was dead and so there are only pictures on elder Hurst´s camera. We´ll see if i can send them. Her whole family was there, and a bunch of people from the ward were there too. It was super spiritual and i got to baptize her because her dad´s arm hurt so he didn´t want to do it. Everyone was really excited to have a baptism in the ward because this year they have only had a total of three or four others, and they´re mostly inactive now. And they were all happy that it was Jackeline because the Vasquez family is slowly but surely getting to be a family of all members! They´ll be a fantastic family. 

Elder Hurst and I are having a great time together. We don´t speak much english at all, because he´s really good at spanish, every once in a while we throw in an english word.. It´s nice to have a code language to talk in sometimes to, so other people can´t understand us. This week we have started playing chess too. He´s really good, and i´m super duper rusty, but we have fun! We just got done playing a game for like 45 minutes and i was totally dominating, then i threw it all away and almost lost, but pulled off a draw at the last minute. 

This weekend is the weekend of Señor de los Milagros= lord of the miracles. It´s a saint they have here, well an image, of christ being crucified. they have parades, the streets are all decorated, and it´s crazy! They have painted the actual street/ dirt in a lot of places too and it says bless us señor de los milagros.. interesting. It´s reminded us a lot of the story in the old testament of elijah and the priests of Baal when they have the challenge to see who can get the offering to burn. It´s so funny! When i read it i busted up laughing. It´s in Kings chapter 18. There´s a verse where Elijah starts taunting the profets of Baal and it´s great. 

Monica didn´t go to church yesterday because she had to help her sister sell roasted pork in the streets, so she can´t get baptized this saturday anymore, because to get baptized they have to go to church at least two times. So, in these few days we´re going to set another date with her for the next week. In church a member brought a lady that lives down the street from her and she seems really interested, she´s already attended church two times, so we´re excited about visiting her! 

I realized Elder Hurst had seen the new harry potter and about cried. That's the one thing i really wish i could see! 

I didn´t voice record anything this week because i couldn't´t think of what to say! What to you want to hear? ask me anything and i´ll talk about it the next time. 

So, as district leader i do the baptismal interviews of the other missionaries in my district. This week i did three. The assistants to the president are in my district, and they had two, and in Los Incas another baptism of one of my investigators! So this week was full of a lot of interviewing and a baptism, and our numbers weren't´t great, but we had a baptism which is all that matters, so i´m content. 

I´m reading the war chapters in the book of mormon. I just finished alma today, and i had a fun time comparing Moroni and Amalickiah. Moroni was awesome, but my favorite is Teancum because he just likes to blow into the lamanite leaders´ tents and javelin them in the heart! haha i´ll be reading the scriptures at night, etc. and just start laughing because the stories are so great of all the killing and stuff. The other three missionaries don´t think they´re nearly as funny as i do, but elder hurst understands my sense of humor. 

Sorry this email is kind of all over the place, i wrote it stream of conscience style! Love you and i´ll fast for dad this week! 

Elder Hatch


And a funny pic of the zone last p-day



Daniel- the 10 year old kid who lives in our house, was carrying his electric piano through the kitchen and broke all the cups, so we´ve been using plastic cups that have a beer brand, cristal, written on them. So, needless to say, a lot of beer jokes have been going on this week. 


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