*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, October 3, 2011



PROVO TEMPLE NUMBER 2!!!!!! haha i sent that alone but didn´t mean to. Here goes attempt number two. That was so awesome! When president monson announced that i didn´t even listen to where the rest of the temples were because i was freaking out!  I started crying too :) I was looking around for someone to rejoice with, but the only other gringo there was elder Price, from down south in Utah, so he wasn´t too excited. But that´s so awesome! I think i want to get married there too maybe. But will it be done in 16 months? haha jk. 

Conference was awesome and I loved all the missionary talks. especially in priesthood. The 10 hours of conference passed way too fast, and i wrote down a lot of stuff i wanted to tell you about that i liked, but left my journal in the room and now i don´t remember haha. But elder Holland´s talk in priesthood was unreal! We´re in the same stake as president risso, and he gave us a ride home from priesthood. It was fun to talk to him for a while. Oh, and President monson talked about peter mourik, who gave me my patriarchal blessing! That was super cool. I felt the spirit talking to me many times during the conference. And it was strongest of all listening to the choir! i love music.   But the talks about peru were great. We found a new, awesome family this week, and they´ll probably get baptized in a week or two. a mom and her two sons- 18 and 13 years old.  They went to the first conference with us, and the mom´s grandpa- an 80 year old man, drove us in the back of his pick up truck, it was definitely not safe but super fun and reminded me of when i was a kid riding in the back of trucks. Yes we watch conference live! The stake center is like 10 minutes from our house in the super rich part of town. 

In los amautas a teenager plays the piano, but nobody plays in los incas. I would offer, but we always get there late because we have to go look for investigators to bring them to church with us. 

Big news, today is transfers! But as we thought, elder Morales and I are staying here together. They told us the new missionaries for Los Amautas will be coming mid-transfer, the 25th of october. and more news, I´m district leader now! I´m excited and nervous, but i kind of new it was going to happen, because i was invited to the mission leadership conference last week.. and i wasn´t a leader.. so i put two and two together. I have four companionships in my district. The zone leaders, a sister missionary companionship, us, and elder Bohman and his comp. So i´ll get to interview their baptisms, teach the district meetings, do all the reporting stuff, etc. A lot of new stuff! Any advice from the RM´s in the family? i´d appreciate it. 

I love this work. I´m so grateful for our family, and for what the Gospel has made it. All i want to do is give to the other families what our family has. I know President Monson is the Prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon is the proof that the Church has been restored. 

Pray and read the scriptures every day! 

Oh, i want to know the favorite scriptures of the family, and stories from obedience to commandments! 

Elder Hatch  


1. This avocado was HUGE! and i love avocado now by the way. 

2. Before....

3. After. Yeah, we killed a rooster. They live above us on the roof of our house. I was going to do the killing but i didn´t cut hard enough on my first attempt and kind of shaved the rooster´s beard, so hna Ursula grabbed the knife from me and killed it! haha it was super funny, we have it on film. And i got blood on my shirt, but it was totally worth it. 




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  1. Elder Hatch!!!!!... usted predica el Evangelio y tambien mata "gallos"... jajajajaja... me alegra verlo feliz y disfrutando su msiion en Peru... Se que usted es un gran misionero y que cada dia esta creciendo en fe y en testimonio...