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Monday, January 16, 2012


hello family!

About the investigators:

Blanca had a great week in terms of her progress! She decided firmly that she wants to be baptized, and even told her husband she was going to always go to church. For me i was content with that, but then she even told him she was going to be baptized, and apparently he yelled at her but told her to do what she wants with her life. He treats her like a five year old.. He wants her to ask permission to leave the house, etc.. But she´s super nervous that the week of her baptism has arrived. We have an appointment with her today at 6, and i´ll try to calm her nerves with some good scriptures and we´re going to try to get her more excited! She should be baptized saturday if everything goes well. I´ve gotten to be really good friends with Blanca. I feel like i know her life story (i actually do) because i´ve spent more time with her than any other investigator just because she has so many problems and loves to tell us everything. She´s super attached to us missionaries. She even asked me my name (jacob bryant) in case she has another kid so she can name him after me! If there´s a Jacob Mendez here in a few years running around i´ll be happy :)

Estefany, who we baptized not too long ago, has some new problems. A recent convert from the other ward, Los Incas, Yeiner, who´s 18, has become very fond of her, and she of him, and the young womens presidency is about to go crazy. We´ve talked to her, they´ve talked to her, and him.. It´s just trouble asking to happen. I hope we can work it out. Her little brother, Brayan, is progressing well. ´This week we´ll see if he accepts a baptismal date.

The english class this week was way fun! It was the first time i´ve felt good at teaching something. I don´t consider myself much of a teacher, but it was cool to see them be so happy to learn. The only problem is that only members and investigators we already have show up.. The whole point is to find new investigators, but the members are lazy and don´t invite anyone.

The ward is on the verge of a breakdown. Nobody paid their tithing, there´s like 42 percent activity, and nobody does their home teaching.. the bishop says it´s on the verge of becoming a branch. Everyone´s pretty depressed and there are TONS of problems in the ward. lots of inactives, long time members switching to being seventh day adventists.. I don´t know what to do to help the ward! we can spend all day every day visiting less active members, but they never go to church, or we can baptize people knowing they´ll never be visited by home or visiting teachers.. it´s a sad and difficult situation, but all we as missionaries can do is work! I´m staying optimistic, looking for solutions, and i´ll see what we can do this week.

I hope everyone´s happy at home. I can´t believe time is flying by so fast. These last five months have passed like one month.

In church on sunday the bishop talked to the elders quorum about the golden six things.

praying, reading the scriptures, fasting, going to church, tithing, and doing home teaching. He said that if we do these things we´ll be in good standing with the Lord and all the other commandments will be easy to follow. I have a testimony of reading the scriptures. I love them so much, i can´t believe how much i underappreciated them before my mission. I could have been a much better person had i really delved into them like i´m learning to do now. I feel the spirit speaking to me so strongly about things i need to improve, or something i can share with an investigator. I love it. I also have been receiving a lot of inspiration while i pray. I´ll be praying and start meditating and important things i´ve forgotten or new ideas just pop into my mind. I love just having the clarity of mind and how the Lord can communicate to us when we´re focused on His work and doing everything in our reach.

I love the Savior and know He suffered and died for us. I´m so grateful and feel so blessed to be called His servant. I love being here.

Love you,

Elder Hatch

Elder Martin (from logan) and i decided to look like Jehova´s witnesses today :)


These are proudly called peruvian dogs.. super ugly bald dogs! This one was in Tucume.


This is the same picture elder Orco and i took when i was a brand new missionary!


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