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Monday, January 23, 2012



first item of business.. i still don´t have the package. I could have gotten it last week, but I´m being a good boy and waited for p day to leave my area to go to the bank to deposit the money. so, right now after internet i´m going to do that and it should come this week. 

Second item: Blanca got baptized!! It was so so so amazing. Monday night like i told you we had an appointment with her. She had talked with her husband on the phone and he yelled at her, and that´s all i knew going into the appointment. Turns out when he came home from work he hugged her and told her that she should do what she believes will make her happy. She took an hour telling us the story, so it was about 7 o´clock and she said so, when can i get baptized? tomorrow? and i said SÍ (yes haha) and we had to hustle to do everything for the next day! We got the zone leaders to interview her at 8:30 that night, and while she was being interviewed i killed like 300 crickets that had sneaked into the church, that was fun. Tuesday at 11 am was her baptism, which was right in the middle of our zone meeting, so what did we do? had the zone meeting in our chapel and the whole zone went to her baptism! Elder Eastwood, our zone leader, played if you could hie to kolob on the violin and all the elders sang joseph smith´s first prayer with it. It was pretty, but i looked at blanca and she was crying so i started crying too. I got to baptize her, and it was such a special experience! She got confirmed yesterday and now she´s a member! yay blanca! :) She said she was so happy after she got baptized that she wanted to go on her roof and just yell! It was so awesome and funny when she told us that. 

oh, and i got a notification that tania guevara bravo wants to be friends with me on facebook, add her! She´s my first baptism that moved away right after she got baptized! 

We had interviews with President Risso on thursday, that went well. we talked mostly about the ward, it´s really week right now and we need to work a lot with the members. 

This last week was really good for us in the work, we found a ton of new investigators, and are reorganizing everything in our area book, etc. to be more effective. 

and yes, there is seminary here in peru. They have it in the mornings in the chapels. 

I can´t believe i´ve been out here a year already. It´s going by way too fast. It just flies by in three month chunks. I´m pretty sure i´ll be transferred in two weeks when there´s transfers, so i´m enjoying my last few weeks in Los Amautas. 

I read Elder Scott´s talk today about the power of the scriptures from conference. I feel exactly like him, that when we memorize a scripture it´s like making a new friend. I love the scriptures so much. I say that all the time, because it´s true. And i know the book of mormon is true. I love using it to refute people´s doubts when we knock their doors and they don´t want to let us in because they already belong to a church. They always try to attack the church and the book of mormon, and whenever i testify to them i feel so strongly that it´s true! I love this work and the opportunity to focus so much on becoming more like Christ. I hope you read the scriptures every day! 

Love you! 

Elder Hatch 

The pictures are of blanca´s baptism. One with our whole zone, another with her kids and some of the cerdan serquen family, her friends/ our pensionista who gave us the referral! 




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