*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey Everybody!
First of all, THE PACKAGE. haha it´s been an adventure trying to get
it to me! Hno Jesus and Hna Graciela have worked so much to get it
here! The whole problem is that the customs here randomly opens a
package every once in a while to see if the statement of goods matches
the actual contents. Mine was the lucky one. I think it matched up,
but they decided to try to charge importing tax to the business for
the stuff. So, this week they have been proving that it´s a gift to
me.. Turns out we didn´t need the list of stuff from mom, but it was
fun to talk again haha, i´m not complaining. But honestly, i can´t
thank the Cerdan family enough for everything they´ve done trying to
get the package! Hno Jesus worked four hours one day on it while he
was at work, writing up legal documents and stuff, that´s what we
needed mom´s license number for.. We´ll see if it works. it´ll just be
that much better when it makes it here!
I bought a new watch last p-day, another casio one that´s pretty
similar but more ghetto and basic. I almost died in my two days
without a watch! I didn´t realize how much i use it.
Happy birthday this week casey and craig! You´re both old... :)
The leadership conference on wednesday was good.. Nothing new, but
it´s kind of the chance for all the missionaries to get together and
prove how smart and spiritual they are in front of the president. One
elder got caught not paying attention twice though, it was funny. I
led the hymn and all the missionaries were actually in tune, it was a
The christmas package from the ward has nate bryson´s name on it, but
a bunch of people wrote stuff on a big poster paper in there too, so
it was a combined effort! I liked mikey freeman´s message a lot.
The investigators are doing well. We need to find some new people..
But mainly we´re working with Blanca Mendez and Brayan (brian)
Guevara, Estefany´s little brother. Blanca is progressing inch by
inch, but accepted the 21st as a baptismal date, her husband´s
acceptance pending. Brayan is 14 and is more interested in music,
soccer, and girls than the church, as is normal for his age, so that´s
the biggest challenge with him, just getting his interest and helping
him gain a testimony. We also found a 20ish guy who wasn´t sure if God
exists, and it was a really cool lesson. The first time i´ve been able
to bear my testimony that God exists and how much i´ve felt Him in my
We´re teaching english classes now as a way to get new investigators,
but i feel more like all the members are going to come and not bring
investigators. Not many people showed up this last week.. We´ll see
Hope Dad´s doing well. Today i was talking to elder Martin who´s going
to run track for Utah State when he gets back from the mish and he was
talking about a guy who´s a world famous runner who has prosthetic
legs. they were arguing on ESPN about whether it was faster or slower,
and figured out it was the same. Maybe you could get back into running
dad! plus now that you´re so much skinnier.. You can help me get in
good shape when i get back from the mission.
the work´s going well, time´s still cruising by, and i´m loving life
here. I know the Church is true, and is the only Church that Christ
has organized and not unauthorized men. It´s so easy to see as we talk
with members of other churches and hear about all the different
problems as a result of pastors who make their living off the church,
etc. I can´t believe God has blessed me so much and gave me the chance
to be born into the Church. Remembering that makes me want to work
hard to not underappreciate such a huge gift!
Love you
Elder Hatch

This is elder Zepeda and i by a pyramid in Túcume! Elder Orcohuaranga
and i took almost the exact same picture like 8 months ago.

191Elder Eastwood from PG, my new zone leader, and I on top of "purgatory
mountain" It´s just a huge mountain in the middle of super flatness.
The ancient muchicas (like incas) built mud pyramids all around it.

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