*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Lots to tell today! So, tuesday i went around saying goodbye to everyone in los amautas, that was hard and sad.. I don´t like seeing people sad and crying! Blanca gave me a really nice silver ring with my name engraven inside, my pensionistas gave me two mugs, i gave the ctr rings you sent me to estefany and her cousin, victoria. I had an amazing experience there in los incas and los amautas. 

Then wednesday was the big day of changes. everyone with changes was there in the institute building, and they announced the transfers by zone. My zone, chiclayo peru, was the second to last one announced, and all the zone leaders had already been transferred except me and one other, and the two zones without a zone leader still were the zone i have been in for six months, or pomalca. Thankfully i got pomalca! My companion is Elder Chaco from arequipa, peru, he has two weeks left in his mission, and it shows haha.. So basically i have two more weeks to get to know everything about my area, zone, and being a zone leader, because i´ll be getting a new companion in two weeks. 

Pomalca is 7 kilometers from chiclayo, super close to where i´ve been my whole mission, but it feels like a different world!! it´s so so amazing here. The town is built around a huge sugar factory, and for miles in every direction are neverending fields of sugarcane. The city has a really small town feeling,  and i´m loving the change. we live with two other missionaries, but we have a big house. I eat lots of cereal and candy and yogurt, but we´re going to buy groceries today and i´ll get some good stuff. (more candy :) haha jk. 

There are 14 missionaries and 4 sisters in our zone, and the area farthest away is about an hour from here. This week i´m going to do working visits in a few areas to get to know the zone a bit. 

The sister missionaries had a baptism of a lady who recently had eye surgery and couldn´t get her eye wet, so elder chaco and i had to search for some swimming goggles one morning and go 40 minutes both ways to take them the goggles. that was fun! our zone is so beautiful with rivers and mountains and everything´s green! 

There´s a lot of work to be done in my area and in the zone. I´m sure i´ll be here for a while, so i´m going to buckle down and get some good work done.

We watched a movie called 17 miracles as a zone today, and i loved it so much. It made me think about how much other people have sacrificed for the Gospel and made me realize that what i´m sacrificing is so insignificant. I hope i can be even a little useful to the Lord to help His children find the truth. I know God loves his children and is always willing to help us when we are obedient. I´ll be praying for you a lot dad, and the whole family. I love you!

Elder Hatch 

ps the computer stinks and i can´t put up pictures, sorry!

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