*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi family!
Well, this morning at 11 we took elder Chaco to the mission office and right then President Risso got there too and told us that we could go if we wanted, so we said goodbye to elder Chaco, and left.. He stayed there to have his final interview with President Risso, and in the afternoon he´ll go to Lima, then on to Arequipa. It´s so weird to have a companion finish the mission! He was ready for it to end, and really excited to see his family!
February was a rough month for the zone. Only two baptisms as a whole zone! That´s super duper low and everyone is worried. I talked to Elder Gomez, one of the assistants to the president, last night and he gave me some good ideas of things i can do to get the zone up and running again. I think i´m going to do a lot more visits to work with the missionaries and get them excited about the work again! Everyone just feels dead and like they don´t want to work.. There´s definitely a lot of things to improve! It will be fun with my new companion to get cracking and see improvement. Right now i´m in a trio companionship with other elders from my zone, but in the morning President Risso told me my new companion is going to be Elder Cox, who´s been in the mission office as the financial secretary basically my whole time in the mission field- since last june. He´s american, too, as you can tell from his name. We´ll have fun :)
I´m glad you got the manger scene! I sent it about three weeks ago. When i got changed! I had it up in my old room and was wondering if i should send it or wait for next christmas, but i decided to send it! it should have a CD in there too that says fe en cada paso on it. It´s a musical fireside we did in the Piura mission and i sing in a quartet! Make sure to watch it!
Yes we cancelled the old phone, We still don´t have a cell phone, it´s miserable being zone leader without a cell phone. we´re always calling people and have to go to public phones, borrow cell phones, etc. Doing reports is a nightmare without a cell phone.
We travel around the zone in vans. They´re almost the same as astro vans, but with extra seats and they´re pretty cheap. The farthest away area, Chongoyape, is five soles.. about two dollars. for an hour and a half drive that´s not bad. All the areas are along one road that goes straight east into the mountains.
We´re really only making progress with one family right now as far as normal missionary work goes. Their daughter, Rudy, is schizophrenic and was baptized a few months ago. The parents are in their 60s and have attended various churches. they´re super nice and always give us lots of food. The husband wants to get baptized, but the wife´s a little hesitant and shy about it. We´ll see what we can do with Elder Cox, because we want the couple to get baptized together, not just half! They want to be baptized in a river too, if they do it, so that will be cool.
I know this work is God´s work and that He guides me all the time when i´m dilligent and seek His help. I´ve been a little down about the results of this last month, and just when i needed it most, i found the advice and guidance i needed. In the January Liahona President Monson talks about being positive and making new goals. etc, and elder Carl B. Cook in the same liahona talks about looking up, like his talk in general conference. It was perfect, and i´m going to stay positive instead of getting down ont the zone. They might not be having much success in their areas, but at least they can have a fun, happy zone leader! I´m excited to get to work this week.
Elder Hatch

A cool mountain pretty close to here. It´s from my first p day
The zone from last tuesday! Now Elder Chaco is gonezo.
A ward activity we planned, we had a camp fire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. I ended up with a marshmallow stuck to my shirt- i have no idea how it got there.




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