*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


         Well, this week has been fun but went by way too fast. They´re all going by too fast now. probably because we´re so busy lately! We had a zone leaders´ conference on tuesday- we have one the first tuesday each month, and i learned a lot. One thing the assistants and president Risso suggested to us was that instead of giving a whole chapter from the book of mormon to investigators that we can give just a few verses, or one verse that will really hit home with them and answer their questions and preoccupations. We´ve been trying it out, and i´m excited to see the results this next week. We had some really good lessons this week, but none of our investigators came to church, so that´s frustrating. This week we´re going to try to visit all our investigators with a member with us so they can go on sunday to pick them up and go to church together. Wednesday we had zone conference and elder cox and i taught the zone about some things we learned in the zone leaders´ conference. Thursday we went to chiclayo to the mission office to take care of all our financial things. since i´m senior zone leader now, i have to control the zone fund. i have to keep a running total of how we use the money, and i´ve forgotten a few times and can´t remember at the end of the week what the discrepancy is from, but it works out in the end. Friday i went to Tuman and did a work visit with elder Cifuentes, one of the district leaders in our zone. Like all of his investigators are pretty teenage girls... i´m kind of worried. Surprisingly, lots of missionaries are like that. Saturday morning in Tuman we cleaned their church. It´s a big building they rent and use as their church and it was so dirty! We basically dumped a bunch of water and soap all over everything then squeegeed it dry. Saturday night elder Cox and i realized we still needed to find a house, so we used the half hour we had free to search. we were talking to a member lady in the street and i saw a few other random ladies and just felt like i should talk to them. I did, and turns out her brother was has a house up for rent, we went and looked at it, it´s perfect, and we´re moving in tomorrow! i´ll send pictures next week.
        I got good news from the zone leaders in my old zone at the zone conference, a family i found with elder Thompson knocking doors in Los Amautas got baptized this last week! A mom and her daughter, and the mom´s younger sister. Such good news!
        Elder Cox and i are getting to be good friends, we found out we had similar taste in tv as children.. He started singing the Arthur theme song and i joined in.. We were both really surprised when we remembered THE WHOLE THING! Sometimes we´re so tired we can barely stay awake, like after we ate lunch with a member family on sunday. The mom was talking about all her problems and i was falling asleep, then elder cox put his arm on my shoulder and started falling asleep and i realized the mom was still going strong with her story. Another time i was exhausted and teaching about the book of mormon. I was trying to say that all joseph smith did with the book of mormon was change the language, but instead i said that all he did was change its religion.. I couldn´t help laughing at myself.
Elder Cifuentes had some books to learn italian in his room, and i asked to borrow them and he let me, so now i´m learning italian in my free time. Il ragazzo é italiano. That means the young man is italian in italian. Impressive, i know.
No, i haven´t bought many things from here in the mission.. I´ll have to buy some.
Oh and last thing, I´m probably going to extend my mission three weeks.. because of the mission change our transfer schedule is three weeks off, and so to not be a problem for president risso, i´ll probably go home three weeks late. i know it´s still a long time away, but i know mom likes to plan vacations well in advance :)
I love you!

Elder Hatch

A few people from the zone playing wackee six!
dad´s favorite crackers :)




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