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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



First off, i really liked that analogy about the atonement and a marble egg mom told me, it reminded me about another analogy that people always use here- they say that when we sin it´s like hammering a nail into a piece of wood.When we repent we can take the nail out but there´s still a hole for us to remember it. But to God we´re made clean and he doesn´t remember it, so i don´t like the analogy that much. But the marble egg one is good, because it shows how our experiences make us who we are, and even though we´ve made mistakes, we can learn from them and they make us beautiful. I´ve learned so much about the atonement here in my mission. Before i knew what it was, but now i´ve experienced what it is, and really come to love Christ as He´s worked in my life and i´ve seen him work in others´ lives. It´s like what christ says. A debtor will love his master if he forgets a small debt, but a person with a great debt who is forgiven truly loves his master even more. It´s sad that we all make mistakes, but it´s because of those mistakes that we come to love Christ for saving us from them! 

In our new house the water continues the same... it´s okay though, we´ve learned to live with it. we only really need water to bathe and we have that in the morning, so we´re happy. 

With transfers i think we got 7 new missionaries in the zone. I´ll try to get a picture of the new zone tomorrow in our zone meeting. Being a zone leader is fun, but stressful sometimes! I´ve learned to adapt my schedule and be ready for anything. Yesterday was the craziest: we went at like 3:00 to fill up the baptismal font for a baptism from the missionaries in Tuman (they baptize in our chapel because they don´t have a baptismal font there) and the font was still full from last week and it had cockroaches in it and was all murky and smelled like a fish tank, so we started emptying it and then the pipe was clogged so it started flooding into the street, but we just let that go because the streets are mud anyway, then we cleaned the font, but no water was flowing, so the bishop had to come open the utility shed and we hooked up a hose and filled it up that way. It was crazy! Then at the last minute we had to go running for baptismal clothes too! ahh but it all worked out in the end. 

Yes, Elder Cox and i are SO excited for general conference. It´s like the super bowl for missionaies. I think i´m going to be shaking when elder Holland talks. He´s my hero- if i had one wish it would be to have him as my companion for a day to see him knocking doors and teaching. sometimes i day dream about him and Paul from Christ´s time being companions together and baptizing all of pomalca in a day. :) 

But we´ll watch it here in the stake center and hopefully get a lot of investigators to come! This week finally 6 came! The whole Frias family except Marjori who had a baptismal date, and the Tellos, too, who are progressing. 

Love you! 

Elder Hatch 

Elder Thompson, Elder Hill, me, and Elder Hurst in transfer meeting. Elder Thompson is a trainer now, elder Hill is in Chachapoyas (the coolest area of the mission) with my old companion, elder Insaurralde, and elder Hurst is in Cajamarca (the second coolest part of the mission) All my old buddies :)


Looking fierce on my mototaxi


This is in front of our bishop´s house. This fruit is called a guanabana- inside it´s white.. It´s as big as my head!.3263

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