*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, March 19, 2012



Another week that went by way too fast. I feel like i say that every week, but that´s really how i feel! Elder Cox and I are kind of discouraged because again, none of our investigators came to church on sunday. It´s impossible for them to progress if they don´t come to church! Everyone tells us they´ll go, we even send members to pick them up, but things always come up and they don´t show on Sunday. When it comes down to it, it´s their choice and we can´t force them, but we´re going to give a last effort this week and if they still don´t show up we´ll have to drop a few investigators. But we have one investigator, Marjori, an 18 year old nursing student, who´s awesome. She couldn´t go to church this last week because her uncle died and she had to go to his funeral, but she accepted a baptismal date and we´re excited to work with her. 

Yes, elder Cox is from Utah state.. It´s a shame. But he´s going there for engineering on a scholarship- a really smart guy. He says he´s thinking about changing his major to something with computers and then he would transfer to BYU. I´m encouraging him to make the right choice :) And it´s really funny that we look so much alike- we get asked all the time if we´re twins. 

Where we live now just he and i are there. The zone leaders get nicer, bigger houses with a kitchen. Our new house is awesome. It´s easily the nicest place i´ve lived. The only problem is that water only comes three hours a day. they´re going to fix that today though supposedly. 

yes, Kraps crackers are just like Ritz and i love them. I also eat a lot of piqueo snax. It´s doritos, spicy fritos, cheetos, and lays mixed. It´s amazing. I also eat apples.. that´s the only fruit i eat. For dinner i usually eat hotdogs or grilled cheese and cereal  for breakfast. I feel like i´m back in college again, i love it! Not as good as mom´s cooking, but i´ll take it. 

I wear my glasses almost all the time. If i´m not wearing them in pictures it´s because i usually take them off. I would wear my contacts, but there is SO MUCH dust in the air it´s ridiculous, and i always have dust in my eyes, and i feel like contacts would be miserable. 

This week is transfers. We already got the info- we´re both staying here, but seven missionaries are being changed from our zone. So it´ll be another fun and exciting week! Sorry Brooke for not writing back.. I´m bad at writing back in emails, i don´t have much time. But i´ll write you right now :) 

Love you family! 

Elder Hatch 

Here are some pictures of the room!




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