*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, July 16, 2012



I don´t know where to start... 

Monday night at 10:15 my companion, elder santos and i were planning for tuesday when the assistants called us on our cell phone. I answered and it was Elder Kirkland, one of the assistants. He said elder Hatch, are you sitting down? I said yes, and he continued to explain to me that in the upcoming days there would be an emergency transfer in our zone.. and that it was me. He said thursday at 10 am i needed to be in the office with my bags packed to receive my new companion. any questions? I said yes, can i know where i´m going? He said no.. After a few days of wondering where i would be going and saying goodbye to the ward that was sad and mad that i was going so soon, i got to the office with my stuff thursday morning. Four other missionaries had emergency transfers too, and president risso interviewed them one by one, and of course i was last. He called me into his office, and i had barely sat down when he said "Elder Hatch, i need you in the office." Elder Kirkland, who was assistant, finishes his mission in a month and president risso sent him to another area to finish his mission, and now i´m the new assistant to president risso. President Risso explained to me what he expects of me, etc. We talked for about 15 minutes and after it all he asked me "How do you feel?" I have never been so without words before. I said "humbled!" I hope i can do everything and be everything president Risso and the Lord need me for!

These last four days have been CRAZY! My companion is Elder Chuiz from Lima, he´s been assistant for a month now, and we get along great. We live on the fifth floor of an apartment building with the other four elders who work in the office. Our room is awesome! It has a terrace and we have a couch on our roof! In these days i´ve picked up a new missionary from the airport, done emergency transfers, received reports from all the zone leaders late friday and sunday night, elder chuiz told me saturday night that we  had talks assigned in sacrament meeting, so i prepared something quick and it turns out that president risso, his wife, and his daughter´s family who´s visiting from uruguay all came to our ward (they live in our ward, San Felipe, but almost never actually attend because pres risso visits other wards) so i was a little nervous for my talk, but it turned out amazing. 

We´re planning things to talk about in the upcoming multizone conferences in the mission, and this week we´re doing transfers, and opening up three new areas. We're going to be traveling three or four days this week to those areas to find houses, laundry, pension, etc and make sure everything´s set for the missionaries who will be there next week. 

i haven´t gotten in bed before 11:45 this whole week, i´m exhausted, but it´s so fun learning new things and being stretched even more in my new assignment!

a little bit about my schedule most days:

from 8-10 personal and companionship study

10-1 plan for conferences, etc. (whatever president risso tells us to do)

1-2 lunch 

2-4 continue planning

4-9.30 work in our area or other missionaries areas

10-11 reports or transferring missionaries

oh and i talked to president Risso about when i´m going to leave.. It´s up to me, but here´s the deal. either way i´m assistant until one transfer before i go home. He thinks it would be better for me to get back and study, but i´m not sure! If you could find out about me getting into byu etc that would help the decision. 

I love you, family! I hope you keep being amazing and that dad gets better! I´m so ridiculously busy, and loving life. In these next few months i´m going to get to go EVERYWHERE in the mission, work with lots of missionaries, and solve lots of problems. :) 

Elder Hatch  

pictures: the new office. elder chuiz is to my right

this is elder kirkland, the assistant i´m replacing, and me in the office.



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