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Monday, July 9, 2012



It was a great week :) 

We had a baptism! And broke the 8 month streak of no baptisms in the Cabrera ward. Esther asked me to baptize her, and of course i did, so i got to use my new tie and socks mom and dad sent me, but i had lent my baptismal pants to the bishop of another ward in our stake for a baptism the same day, so i got stuck with some pants that were too small! But it all worked out. I have my camera here and i´m trying to send pictures, but i don´t think the port in the computer for the memory works.. I´ll send pictures next week... 

Next big piece of news (for mom) was that i finally got up the nerves to play the piano in sacrament meeting. I played all four songs and it went perfectly! I think the motivating factor was how terribly people sing here! They´ve never sung the songs with a piano before, so they all have their own beats they sing to, and the apostasy has even entered into the tunes, so with the piano i´m going to gradually bring them back into the light. 

This week Elder Santos and I were planning like crazy for our sweet trip we took today as a zone! We went to a place called Laquipampa. It´s a town with a population of about 200 in the middle of nowhere in the mountains! It´s the farthest away from chiclayo i´ve been in my whole mission! We rented a van and met at 6:30 in the morning to take the 2 hour trip on dirt roads to Laquipampa. We went on 2 hikes with a guide to some waterfalls that are pretty cool! It was fun, i got kind of car sick though! I´m not used to motion and altitude anymore! I´ll send pictures of that next week too! The highlight for me was seeing TONS of huge spiders up in the trees with their giant webs, and talking with everyone in the van. I love being a missionary :)   

Now i´m almost done with Genesis, i read the second half last night while i was waiting for the district leaders to report.. Everything i´ve always heard is making sense to me now. 

To answer mom´s question, in the mornings we have 2 hours of study time. From 8 to 9 is personal study, where we can read any of the standard works and preach my gospel and Jesus the Christ. Then we have companionship study where we can study scriptures or teaching, do practices, etc. My companion has some issues with waking up early, so by the time he gets all ready it´s usually time to leave and we haven´t gotten in a good companionship study in a while.. I´m trying to help him with my example, because he only has a month and half left in the mission.. But the result is that i get more personal study time.

Yes i wrote Zach White, i´m waiting for his response, and i´ll write David next week! Thanks for his address :) 

I´m glad to hear the stadium of fire was good! Yes i remember going to the stadium of fire as a kid and hiding under the stadium seats because i was scared of the fireworks! I love the beach boys too, and i remembered you guys were there on the 4th. A sister missionary, sister Case from American Fork in my zone, gave everyone in the zone a little American flag ribbon with a penny glued to it to pin on for the 4th, I felt patriotic. 

I love you and hope everything keeps going well! Get walking dad! 

Elder Hatch

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