*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi family :) 

It turns out that i´ll have some time to write today! Today we´re sending the missionaries who finish their missions home and then at night we get a new group of 7 missionaries, 6 elders and 1 sister! Today two of my companions are going home, Elder Lobato and Elder Cox! Two really great missionaries who taught me a lot and who worked hard up until their last day in the mission. Right now all the elders who are finishing the mission are eating lunch in the mission house, at 4 we take them to the airport, then at 9 tonight we receive the new group of missionaries. 

This last week was super busy. Every day we went to different perspective new areas, we were planning on opening 3 and had 5 perspective areas. So, tuesday we went to a little town called Illimo. The member family who was supposedly going to help the work get going in that town fell through- the mom is going to Trujillo for a few weeks and her daughter moved to lima, and we couldn´t find a house for a chapel either, so illimo got scratched off the list. The next four areas went great though. Two of the other cities are called City of God. One is here on the outskirts of chiclayo and one is about two hours south of here, in what used to be part of the Trujillo mission. The other two areas are Mórrope and Cayaltí. Both areas are being opened because of one strong family sealed in the temple in each town. We went to Mórrope with President Risso and it was so cool meeting this family and seeing their teenage son and everyone in their family being so happy made me so excited for all the amazing experiences they´re going to have, being the backbone of the church there in their town! It made me think a lot about the difference one righteous family can make. I want to come back here in 20 years and see how these new little family groups have grown! So, after all the visiting and searching houses and members to help the missionaries get started, etc., we had four areas we wanted to open. We couldn't rule one out, and neither could President, so we're opening all four! 

After we got all that figured out was TRANSFERS! President did all the changes then told us to meditate about them and the companionships, etc, and let him know what we thought. We made some changes with president, then he made more changes, and then our job was to arrange everything, inform the missionaries Sunday night in our reports, etc. It was a crazy weekend! i always feel like there´s a ton to do! We´re also planning for the transfer meeting tomorrow- we have a few hours to train the trainers, then we have this week to plan the zone conferences that are coming up. We had very little time to work in our area this week.. We only taught about three lessons, and one of our investigators told us she likes her old church better.. But it´s her choice... 

Dad asked about the other office elders' jobs.

Elder Karl from Utah is the financial secretary. He´s in charge of everything that has to do with money (obviously) 

Elder Navas from Costa Rica is in charge of all the material things in the mission. From bunk beds to contact cards and books of Mormon.

Elder Olmos from Guatemala is the personal secretary- he's in charge of visas, passports, keeping us all legal here, medical problems of missionaries, and transportation for transfers

Elder Chero from Peru is in charge of all the records of the mission, baptismal records, numbers of companionships, etc. 

Also, about going back to school.. 

I think i want to live at home.. i´m not sure though! And i'm still not sure if i want to go home early or later.. I don't like these decisions! I need to pray about it all. 

I'm still getting used to the office life, and the new kind of work i'm doing. I think i'll have a little more time to actually work in our area this week, and i hope we can find some good investigators! 

The Gospel is true and i'm so happy and excited for the people in these new places that are going to have the chance to accept it! 

Elder Hatch

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