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Monday, January 14, 2013


I laughed out loud like three times in dad's letter to me. I love you dad :)
I can't believe how cold it is in Provo, but i feel like I'm getting a little preview. Right now I've had to blow on my hands a few times because they´re so cold! I mean, I'm in short sleeves, but it's still cold for Peruvian standards. Today we went to a crazy cool zoo in the mountains and it hailed! And i actually saw a wild herd of Llamas by the side of the road on the way there, there were at least 200 of them! I was so excited! Cajamarca is what i always hoped PerĂº would be like. Not that Chiclayo isn't the best, it´s just different.
The amazing experiences continue. My testimony is being strengthened in so many ways recently. After a few rough weeks it's easy to start to wonder if God really is preparing people for us, or if we're worthy to listen to the spirit and find them. Yesterday we had another of those experiences. We were walking to an appointment with a guy we had contacted Saturday night, and a car pulls up beside us. The man asked us if we had some kind of authority or power to pray for sick people, because his little daughter who was there in his wife´s arms, is really sick. I was caught off guard, but finally we said yes, and he said well, get in the car and we'll go to my house. We hopped in, and talking in the car we realized they're amazing people and that their daughter has a very rare hereditary disease that completely wipes out a protein needed in nerve conduction. So, their little 3 year old daughter can hear and understand everything, but can't move her body at all. She's been like that for a year. And the doctors say there's no cure and that she has a few months more to live. Obviously, they're so devastated and desperate for any help and wondering if God really exists. We took advantage and shared some of the Gospel with them and talked about the authority we have to give blessings and where it comes from. They were very interested, and we ended by giving their daughter a blessing of health. I hope and have faith that she can improve. But they don't live in our area, so we'll have to pass their info to the zone leaders, it's in their area. They were so grateful and such good people, and they just happened to be right where they could find us... God knows us so well, and really makes miracles happen when we're trying our hardest and focusing on the work. I love it! And I'm realizing bit by bit why i had to extend my mission. Certain things that are happening right now, people that the Lord is preparing, i feel so grateful. I honestly can't ever pay Him back for these experiences.
We are going to baptize a family of 3 this week. Genaro is the dad, Sonia is the mom, and Baruc is their 8 year old son. They were evangelical, but feel something different and special in the Church. They've gone to church a bunch of times, but this week we could finally teach them and resolve some doubts they had and they accepted to be baptized the 19th!
I'm so happy, having such a great time, and wishing the days wouldn't go by so fast. I love being a missionary!
I love you family, thanks for your support and prayers!
Elder Hatch

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