*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, January 7, 2013



This week was nuts. We had worked like nobody's business, and had no success for two weeks in a row, and honestly, i was wondering what i was doing wrong. Then, this last monday, things just changed.. Everything started with Cresencio. He's a champion, and we ended up finding his granddaughter who's 16 and also randomly wants to be baptized.. But we were super excited about them and just loving life, working, and having fun. We are looking for new investigators using the ward directory, too, and visiting inactive members. It's working, and we found a 24 year old guy named Raul, who's also so ready for the Gospel. His only problem is that he works as a security guard and every other sunday he can't go to church. So this next Sunday he should be able to go and we'll see how his progress goes. Anyway, everything was going well until friday... fateful friday... when we went out and it was raining like pretty much every day.. but a few days before elder Giraldo had left our umbrella in a member's house. We were walking to an appointment and he said oh, can we go get the umbrella? normally i get super in the zone and would have said no, we can get it after the appointment, but for some reason i said yes really quick before thinking and we went to pick up the umbrella. When we were walking back a guy parked in a parking lot by a condo complex starts honking and flashing his lights at us.. Then he comes and talks to us and says his parents are members in Lima, and he saw us, and because of recent problems, felt like he needs our help. He invited us to go talk to him later that day, and we did. 
I don't want to give too many details, because i need a story or two to tell when i get home, but he and his wife are the most amazingly prepared gift from heaven i've ever recieved as a missionary. We've taught them twice, they went to church with their two little kids and old dad, and after church on sunday they invited us to lunch with them. We taught/talked to them for a solid 2 hours after and while eating, and it was just so natural and fantastic. Victor, the man who found us, expressed us all his doubts, fears, etc, and we helped him understand the gospel. He and his wife invited themselves to be baptized and set their own date!! It has been such a special experience for me in only two visits with them! We have all teared up, and sometimes i can't say anything but wow. I love them, and am so grateful that our Heavenly Father let me have this oportunity. So, anyway, friday night after our first lesson with this dream family, we leave their house basically skipping because we're so happy, and go to our appointment with cresencio and his granddaughter. The first thing he tells us is that he's opening up a new institute (he owns like 5) in a village like 3 hours away and he's going to be there for a MONTH :( It brought me back down to earth, but i know he'll get baptized soon. But things are still going great. 
After forgetting the keys to the room i made elder Giraldo in charge of the keys and yesterday he forgot them at night.. I didn't want to risk my life again dangling from the third floor, and he didn't either, so we had to get creative. The keys were on his desk and a window was open but had gates around it so only an arm could fit through.. So i took one of the laundry drying lines from our roof and tied my shoe to it to try to somehow grapple the table and drag it to myself and grab the keys... I ended up breaking a light bulb and knocking the phone off its hook, but no keys.. I was inventing other things with a broom, etc, when the owner of our house finally got there at like 11 at night and gave us the keys. haha it was great. 
Anyway, today i officially start my last transfer. i'm not trunky but definitely am thinking more about home.. It's going to be so weird being home. I feel way more natural here. Oh, speaking of home.. One of my good friends here in the mission just got back from the mission (lives in lima) and is dating a sister missionary from the mission too.. haha he sent a picture of them hugging. ick. But i'm happy for them because they were both amazing missionaries. 
Well, i think that's about it! 
Love you guys!
Elder Hatch 

Here's our district today at a convent- it looks small in this courtyard, but i'll send a picture of how huge it really is. 

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