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Monday, January 28, 2013


I´ll start with what happened on monday. 
We went to Victor and María's house and i was super nervous, expecting an explosion and basically the worst. But when we got there Victor was smiling... and i was thinking hmm, it feels different here. María was there too, and offered us a drink and cookies they bought in a little pueblo called Jesus like a half hour from here.. So i was confused that they had gone somewhere together because they weren't even talking or looking at each other in the morning. Victor told us he had something to tell us. They took seriously all the things we told them in the morning. One thing we told them was to take some time just the two of them and talk about the things they needed to change. They did it! They took a little trip the two of them to Jesus and on the way Victor felt like someone opened up his chest and blew air on it, something he had never felt before (i love when people don't realize the holy ghost is talking  to them, but recognize it´s a good feeling and follow it.) He felt like he needed to tell María he just wanted to start over again and forget everything that had happened in the past, and she said yes! They were still pretty tense, but the situation was definitely better. We talked a lot, watched the church movie called together forever (the first two segments are basically exactly their lives) and it all really hit home. The spirit was so strong, and they told us that they want to be baptized together this week! So, in one day they went from being on the point of separation to planning to being baptized together. All i could do after teaching them was thank Heavenly Father for being a part of that amazing change. The changes they are making in their lives are truly miracles, and i get to see first hand how the gospel blesses families. That's what i gave my farewell talk about, but now i feel so much stronger and have so much more experience in how it changes people's lives drastically. Their relationship is still hanging by threads, but i'm confident that once they get baptized this thursday things will get better. I love them, they're probably the most special family i've met here in the mission.
Cajamarca is the center for all of Perú in carnavales, aka giant water fights all day every day and a lot of drunk people. The rule is that girls can only get boys wet and visa versa, so that's kind of nice.. girls don't throw water balloons as well. You would think they would respect missionaries, but no.. I've been pretty good about dodging their attempts to soak me, but once a little girl snuck up behind me and poured a 3 liter bottle of water on me. I tried to defend myself but i had my planner in my hand and couldn't stop her. Another time we walked by some little girls with water guns that looked harmless, but when we had passed by them they shot me. But i haven't gotten too wet. Some girls poured a bucket on my companion's head, it was funny. I decided not to participate (even missionaries water balloon people here! it's nuts) for the first three weeks, i thought it was too barbaric, but then the family of our pensionista always goes up on their roof after lunch and dominates people every day, and bit by bit they got me to participate. I've only hit a few people with water balloons. :) 
I feel the end coming.. Last night one of the missionaries in our zone said that the vultures are already flying around me.. haha. But i'm still working 100 percent and loving every minute. I honestly love and feel so happy when i'm teaching. Knocking doors and stuff is a chore, but i enjoy it in a way.. But when we can teach and have an investigator who's seriously interested, i'm in heaven. :) 
I love you family, i´ll see you soon!
Elder Hatch 

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