*Elder Hatch returns home from his mission the last week of February and he will report on his mission on March 10th. More details will be posted as it gets closer.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Thanks Lindsey and Kristen for writing me!!! I'm so pumped that Lindsey is coming to my homecoming! :)
This week... wow. I don't even know what to say. First of all, i officially complete my two year mission this week. Everyone in my zone is asking me to leave them clothes, ties, my football, etc. I have to leave a lot behind, so it'll be easy to be loving to them :) But no, i don't feel trunky. I honestly could go another year in the mission.. but it's time to get back to real life.
First of all, the Ascate family got baptized!! It was my most stressful baptismal service yet. We didn't get the baptismal clothes worked out very well, and we were running around last minute, because we were doing a service project in an inactive man's farm all morning and got back like an hour before the baptism.. Then when Sonia, the mom, was getting baptized, she got super nervous and wouldn't get into the water.. ten minutes later when we coaxed her in, she had to be baptized five times to finally be submerged. After the third time she said no, that's it, I'm done. and got out of the font and was standing there crying, but our pensionista, hna Corina, who's a champ, calmed her down and got her to go back into the water and it finally worked. Their 8 year old son Baruc was being super irreverent and yelling and trying to swim in the water the whole time.. but oh well, it's over now and they all got baptized and confirmed!
But the real story of the week is the Tello Ortega family, aka Victor and MarĂ­a. They have serious marriage problems, but we were working through things and from what we could see they have progressed a TON. In the morning Victor called us and told us he needed to talk to us urgent, so during our P-day activity in the church they both came and while the zone had a water balloon fight outside i had the roughest hour and a half conversation ever. Last night they had a big fight over a miscommunication about folding clothes (it was the breaking point for them both) and Victor decided he needs to move out and move to Trujillo- like 6 hours away. They are both devastated, and so sad for what is happening to their kids when they see them fight all the time. So, victor wants to leave the situation and just be alone for a long time. We tried to talk to them, but they both have so much bottled up anger toward each other. I don't have much experience as a marriage counselor, but we gave them lots of advice, and we're going to talk to them tonight. I feel sick. I know the Lord had them find us specifically because He knew this was exactly when they need the Gospel, and i am hoping and praying (please pray for them too) that we can get to their hearts tonight and save their marriage. It's so tragic. I love them so much, and just want the best for them!
Crazy news, because of the surge of missionaries, the missions had to change the transfer schedule, so all the missionaries in my group who haven't gone home yet, are going home one week earlier, aka the 12th. But, because of my special situation with my parents coming to pick me up, i'm going to stick around another week. I'm going to seriously be the last man standing. But i feel like there's so much for me to do here! I love it.
I know the gospel is true and designed to bless us, and especially our family. I have learned so many lessons in the mission that i hope to apply to myself and the Tello Ortega family about how to forgive, communicate, and express the positive things we see in others. I know if we truly live the gospel in our lives we will be blessed.
I love you!
Elder Hatch

here's the picture of the baptism! The bishop baptized them.
if i look like a tomato, it's because i got super sunburned in the service on the farm in the morning!


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